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One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. ~ Plato

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Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia tribunal

When we’ve learned of crimes that were or are being committed, especially War Crimes and the murder of countless innocents , we have an obligation to do something to stop it. Like forwarding this EVERYWHERE so that people all over the world realize any and ALL GOVERNMENTS or Politicians who IGNORE this call for Justice are also committing crimes of cover up while continuing to be accomplices. All who ignore this type of atrocity do so at their own peril.

For those promoting Ron Paul, what does it say that we are willing to overlook all the criminality and wait until 2013 to act? He will not discuss 911, which is another blatent murderous crime that began these illegal wars that are spreading like wildfire from Iraq with U.S. Drones flying into surrounding countries, also killing thousands. What about all the other murder for profit, as in Libya? Hillary laughing about dishonoring a White Flag while U.N. Soldiers watch torture, sodomy and the murder of Gadafi? (or whoever that was) What about obama supposedly having Osama (some other poor man) murdered and dumped into the sea?

Do we wait for “S” Elections, and accept these criminals in power? Why are WE allowing  paper work to overthrow our Natural Rights? We’re all under “Legal Conquest”, with those in power ready to create and recreate laws to keep us paying fines, fees, registrations, and always waiting while WE play by THEIR UNLAWFUL RULES which promote inequality, poverty and war.

United We Strike says that until each of us becomes accountable and refuses to ignore this corruption, we’ll get more murder, death, war, and destruction, as our food, land, water and skies are also destroyed. We outnumber them. If WE the People do not rise to save OURSELVES and OUR World, those in power will continue to destroy it.



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Former US president George Bush and his former counterpart Tony Blair were found guilty of war crimes by the The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal which held a four day hearing in the Malaysia.
The five panel tribunal unanimously decided that Bush and Blair committed genocide and crimes against peace and humanity when they invaded Iraq in 2003 in blatant violation of international law. 
The judges ruled that war against Iraq by both the former heads of states was a flagrant abuse of law, act of aggression which amounted to a mass murder of the Iraqi people. 
In their verdict, the judges said that the United States, under the leadership of Bush, forged documents to claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. 
They further said the findings of the tribunal be made available to members of the Rome Statute and the names of Bush and Blair be entered into a war crimes register. 
Both Bush and Blair repeatedly said the so-called war against terror was targeted at terrorists. 
Lawyers and human rights activists present here say the verdict by the tribunal is a landmark decision. And the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Foundation said it would lobby the International Criminal Court to charge former US president George Bush and Former British prime minister Tony Blair for war crimes.



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