Deep State Gone Wild

    • James Comey asserted in his extraordinary testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee that the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is authorized to override Justice Department oversight procedures, a questionable claim which if true would raise serious questions about long-standing rules aimed at preventing abuses by federal law enforcement officials.
    • decided not to comply
    • would not report
    • The group decided that it could override standard FBI protocol and possibly legal obligations to report the incident because of its expectations
    • “We concluded it made little sense
    • we decided
    • resolving to figure out what to do
    • Rosenstein criticized Comey’s decision to act without consultation from the Department of Justice as usurping the Attorney General’s authority and an attempt to “supplant federal prosecutors and assume command of the Justice Department. Comey had violated a “well-established process” for how to deal with situations where to Attorney General faces a conflict of interest, according to Rosenstein.
    • a claim that the FBI’s top agents can act outside of the ordinary processes intended to establish oversight and accountability at the nation’s top law enforcement agency.
    • The FBI’s adherence to Department of Justice guidelines and instructions from Attorneys General has been a centerpiece of its ongoing independence, often cited by officials as a reason why the FBI does not need a general legislative charter that would restrict or control by statute its authority. Comey’s assertion that the FBI can override standard protocols could endanger that independence, according to a former high-ranking federal law enforcement official.
    • “He’s not only put the credibility of the bureau in doubt, he’s now putting the entire basis for our independence in jeopardy,” the official said.
    • “Mr. Comey is describing an FBI director who essentially answers to no one. But the police powers of the government are awesome and often abused, and the only way to prevent or correct abuses is to report to elected officials who are accountable to voters.
    • A director must resist intervention to obstruct an investigation, but he and the agency must be politically accountable or risk becoming the FBI of J. Edgar Hoover,” the Wall Street Journal wrote.

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