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When netflix videos like Big Mouth trailer cannot be taken down from youtube while videos revealing the truth behind the white race are routinely blocked, it is time to fight back. We unsubscribed from Netflix well over a year ago.
I would just add to the article below that for some of those that have all the money they want, business can be much more than the bottom line. It can be about destroying values in order to weaken a nation to make it fall. Watch the trailer of Big Mouth and ask yourself if the creators of this are after your money or your soul or maybe your country.


  • Greg Gudorf believes movies and TV shows don’t need to be riddled with sex, violence, and inappropriate language to be entertaining. In fact, they can even be inspirational.
  • The averag e adult in the US is involved in more than 11 hours of media a day, whether it’s online media or TV. Estimates are that by the age of 17, the average child will have consumed 65,000 hours of media, compared to about 11,000 hours that the child will spend in school and more than 32 times the number of hours they will spend with a parent.
  • “I can’t help but be frightened by what we’re doing to our children with such a media diet,” he said. “Parents who choose Christian entertainment are protecting the minds and hearts of their children. We can choose to either rail against what the mainstream media puts out and go with nothing, or we can rail against it and find something positiv e.
  • In the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s, the Church heavily influenced the movie-making industry: “whether you were 5 or 95, you could go to the theater together and watch a movie,” Gudorf said…In the early ‘60s, however, the Church pulled out of Hollywood – and the meteoric rise in sex and violence seen in movies since then is undeniable

  • there are studies that show that PG-13 and cleaner content actually produces more revenue than R-rated content.
  • nothing will truly change until the Church – the universal body of Christ – once again gets involved in the conversation.
  • “For so long, the Church has warned against the dangers of media and preached that we should move away from it,” he explained. “Bu t, our human nature is we’re hooked, we’re addicted. You can tell an addict it’s not good for them, but unless you show the addict an alternative, it becomes difficult. Of course, the Church has got the best alternative in the simple words of Jesus Christ Himself. In the media world, we want to make sure those messages come through.”
  • For parents seeking to give their families a clean, uplifting alternative to much of what Hollywood puts out, is offering a free one-month trial to its video streaming services with thousands of titles.

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