GotNews @LauraLoomer Visits Mandalay Bay Security Guard’s House


BREAKING: @LauraLoomer Visits #MandalayBay Security Guard’s House – GotNews

    • “During the joint LVMPD and FBI press conference that occurred Monday Oct 9, the public was informed of a major detail concerning the timeline of the shooting as well as the role of Mandalay security guard Jesus Campos,” Loomer told GotNews. “Nearly one week after he was declared a hero by Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, law enforcement said Campos was shot 6 minuets before Stephen Paddock began shooting onto concert goers, which means he could have possibly prevented the whole attack.” Loomer went on to question Campos’ alleged heroism. “It also raises the question of whether or not it’s appropriate to refer to Campos as a hero, since his actions didn’t prevent anyone from being murdered,” Loomer noted. “In fact, the changes in the timeline make Campos more of a suspect than a hero since he clearly had contact with the shooter before the attack took place.”
      • Yesterday, Loomer reported that Campos’ name has been scrubbed from the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino employee database. “One day after I exclusively reported that Campos was scrubbed from the official MGM employee profile database ‘WorkDay,’ I decided to track him down and attempt to speak to him at his home in Las Vegas,” Loomer explained. “When I arrived, an armed security guard was standing in front of Campos’s house. The guard, who identified himself as Troy Goff, said he works for a company called ‘On Scene’ that has been hired out to provide Campos with armed security protection.”
        • According to Loomer and fellow journalist Mike Tokes, On Scene is at best a dubious security company:

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