What Sets Children Free To Learn?

Acceptance and encouragement set children free to learn.

                In a healthy family, members extend both encouragement to learn and tolerance for the inevitable mistakes in the process. Sometimes children (and adults!) are reluctant to learn new things. They are afraid of failure or they may not know how or where to begin. In the home, we can make sure our children have positive experiences when the stakes are low, and we can praise them for their good efforts, encouraging them to greater independence and capability.

               When learning life skills, there is no failure. If the chore isn’t done properly, it will improve with practice. If manners need polishing, practice! If sewing skills are uneven, practice! If children can take chances and make mistakes while they are at home and the consequences are meted out with large measures of love and responsiveness, they will be more receptive to the correction they receive in the world. Instead of shouting, “I can’t,” they will develop the habit of asking, “What can I learn?”

Life Skills For Kids: Equipping Your Child For The Real World

by Christine M. Field

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth. ~ 3 John 4