Lab #1 Do Something Together

Relationships build learning and learning builds relationships.

                Most children are highly motivated by the time and attention paid them by an adult who loves them. This means your home is a perfect place to be teaching life skills while focusing on relationships and sharing your life with your child. You can share your passions while kindling and fostering that passionate parent/child bond.

               But what if you can’t stand to be around your kids? Some parents dread summer vacations and holidays because the children will be underfoot all day. If you have reached that stage in your lives, think back for a moment. Can you remember the intense love you felt for your child as an infant? You held and nurtured her and your heart sang. When you were apart, your arms ached. Those tender baby years teach us that togetherness, living together, and sharing life make you close.

               Perhaps your older child rarely inspires such warmth in you now. It may be difficult to accept, but sometimes the child whose behavior is the most annoying to you is the one who needs your attention and time the most! Author Deborah Carroll notes, “As you spend time with him, do even mundane things with him, you’ll find yourself falling in love with him over and over again.” Time spent together can be the healer of wounded hearts and the vehicle of life instruction. Whether you are cooking together, doing a home repair, or engaging in a familiar holiday ritual, the shared time and experience can bring more depth and understanding to your relationship with your child.

Life Skills For Kids: Equipping Your Child For The Real World

by Christine M. Field

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth. ~ 3 John 4