Dr. Mercola: First Thing To Do When a Cold or Flu Strikes

  1. Generally, decrease sugar intake.
  2. With the reduced sun in the winter and therefore decrease in vitamin D, work on getting more sun.
  3. Eat Mushrooms

There are other tips, but these are my notes for me.

The Transferability Of Our Influence At Home

                The attitudes and attributes that make a good employee are the same attitudes and attributes that make a good kid. A child who can learn to do chores cheerfully stands a better chance of becoming an employee who performs work with a good attitude. A child who has been taught to value honesty will be an employee to be trusted. A child who has been trained in good work and study habits at home will transfer those skills to the workplace. In addition, while children may study some problem solving theory in middle school, they learn the real art of this at home in performing family service, working out sibling disputes, planning personal finances, and negotiating a host of other everyday activities.

               What about the skills one needs to bring to marriage? Openness, honesty, the ability to communicate and solve problems, the ability to withstand stress—these are just a few. All of these relationship skills are practiced and honed at home, in relationships with parents and with siblings. The transferability of our influence at home is clear. We have a tremendous opportunity to make an impact on our children’s future, both in their work and in their relationships. But we must be willing to do the job.

Life Skills For Kids: Equipping Your Child For The Real World

by Christine M. Field

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth. ~ 3 John 4