How to Determine if Your Child is Left or Right Handed | Backup Care


How to Determine if Your Child is Left or Right Handed | Backup Care

  • Indicators for Hand Dominance
  • For the most part, babies start off using both hands to do things and preference for one hand or the other seldom manifests before seven to nine months of age. Even then, the preference may not necessarily be permanent.
  • Usually around two years of age there is steady use of one hand in particular, but some four- to six-year-olds may still be ambivalent regarding a dominant hand.
  • Often, parents will assume that the hand with which the child catches or throws a ball is the dominant hand, but that isn’t always the case. More accurate indicators include observation of which hand the child uses to reach for items that are placed directly in front of him, or the hand she uses to feed herself.
  • If she stirs things counter-clockwise, she is most likely left-handed.
  • Which hand does he use for grooming?  These everyday tasks are more accurate in predicting the handedness of your child.
  • Trying to change your child’s dominant hand may lead to frustration since it is a trait determined by genetics and the brain, and is not recommended despite the prevalence of the practice in generations past.

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