Imagine Your Child As An Adult

My Comment:  Last year I spent a couple of months reading through the diary of Jonathan Edwards.  He was 12 when he started college.  He is considered to have had one of the most brilliant minds ever in America, a master of human reason.  To read his diary is to realize evermore that today we live in a dark and evil world in comparison.  The society that helped him become what he became has been replaced with a society that seeks to destroy any and all pillars of its own support.  Edward’s diary revealed to me the increasing necessity to stay true to God and persevere in godliness.  Sam, like us all, will need a lot of light and a lot of help.


"To Miss Mary Edwards, at Hadley.

"Windsor, May 10, 1716.


"Through the wonderful goodness and mercy of God, there has been in this place a very remarkable outpouring of the Spirit of God. It still continues, but I think I have reason to think is in some measure diminished, yet I hope not much. Three have joined the church since you last heard; five now stand propounded for admission; and I think above thirty persons come commonly on Mondays to converse with father about the condition of their souls. It is a time of general health here. Abigail, Hannah, and Lucy have had the chicken pox and are recovered. Jerusha is almost well. Except her, the whole family is well.

"Sister, I am glad to hear of your welfare so often as I do, I should be glad to hear from you by letter, and therein how it is with you as to your crookedness.

"Your loving brother,



Making a Life Skills Checklist

This exercise is for parents. Imagine your child as an adult. Don’t focus on careers or jobs for purposes of this exercise, but on independence and character qualities. Start one notebook for each child, and describe this person as a young adult.

Life Skills For Kids: Equipping Your Child For The Real World

by Christine M. Field

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth. ~ 3 John 4