Motivation Techniques: 1e. Progress Chart

A progress chart keeps track of accomplishments and may provide a reward. These can be used for daily chores, as above, where the parent puts up a star for each time the child brushes teeth, washes hands, brushes hair, makes bed, etc. Progress charts can be in any form and can be used to track a number of activities. For example, we have used a paper tree and leaves to track number of books read. For each book completed, the child got to tape a leaf on the tree. When the tree branch was full, we went out for ice cream. Another progress chart might be in the form of a path or track, such as for a race car. Each day the child takes out the trash, or practices the piano, or does any agreed upon activity, he moves the marker further along the chart. When the marker reaches the finish line, the child receives a special treat.

Life Skills For Kids: Equipping Your Child For The Real World

by Christine M. Field

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth. ~ 3 John 4


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