Is Culture Like An Immune System?

Here is a video on how the immune system works.  I believe God created this highly complex system.  Similarly, I believe God draws lines to form nations and within those boundaries cultures emerge.  And just like God designed the immune system to promote the health of our body, so I believe God designed culture to promote the health of the nation.  And just like no single entity within the immune system can single-handedly rid the body of billions of bacteria and fungi, so no individual in society has the power to rid it of its billions of bacteria and fungi.  Each element within society must perform its job and then, by design, culture will do its job and the nation will flourish.

If you see the same similarities I do then go back and stop the video at the 20 second mark for some ideas, and ask yourself what roll you play in society that seeks the welfare of society.  Let me know what you think.

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