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Can the pulpit and politics have a healthy relationship? – Mission Network News

  • an eight-part docu-drama series on North African Christians who had a profound influence in the early Church.
  • “[Tertullian] helped confront society with injustices that were going on in their time period…. He was challenging Roman society, as someone who was trained in the law, to think about…logic and what their laws were actually saying and doing to people that they were claiming were under a republic in Rome.”
  • Faith in politics. Politics in faith. For Tertullian, the mingling of the two meant confronting evil in society, and at the same time, calling Christians to God’s truth above society.
  • If Christians aren’t willing to get messy in politics and culture to confront evil where it exists and defend the defenseless, who will?
  • The loudest acts of faithful courage start with the quietest moments of prayer.
  • Ask God to use you to graciously and lovingly draw others to His truth.

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