Texas Gets ‘WOKE’

Instead of taking $200k to fill pot holes, Dallas uses tax payer money to paint rainbow crosswalks. When things like this are done, does it make you feel more in sync with society or more out of sync with society?

He gives a marvelous illustration of how nature tends to go on its own from order to chaos to order to chaos. Can we expect “human” nature to follow similar paths? Should we use our brain to stem the chaos cycle or let it go?

Also included is reference to an interesting Daily Mail article titled “Berlin was a liberal hotbed of homosexuality and a mecca for cross-dressers and transsexuals where the first male-to-female surgery was performed – until the Nazis came to power, new book reveals.”

“There were twenty-five to thirty separate homosexual German-language periodicals that were appearing in Berlin, weekly or monthly. There were no other journals published anywhere else in the world until after 1945. Openly nudist and homosexual titles were displayed in the kiosks.”

What books did Hitler burn?

And as a courtesy I should say there is some video he posted of someone in Europe discovering the stop lights there no longer have the normal green light but promotes transgenderism. He gets a little ticked and uses some language. (He felt out of sync with what is going on.)

Pray for the peace of America.

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