Apostasy: a New Testament Consideration

Alpha & Omega Ministries
Streamed live on Aug 1, 2019

Took the hour to look at the subject of false faith, apostasy, etc., today on the program in light of the Joshua Harris situation. Not a pleasant topic, but one found right in the fabric of Scripture, and hence one that must be understood

Christians are not going to go away. Read history. Poke them, prick them and they will just grow because they have The Way, they have The Truth, they have The Life – that Jesus was giving away way back when and yet today.

It is interesting to me to see Joshua Harris have the sensitivity to see he is the toxic element in his relationship with his wife and ask for a divorce. The same with his association with the church – let me step down.

Does he not know that he is stepping into a world that will treat him like the remains of a carrot tossed into a garbage disposal?

I pray he survives to turn once again.

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