Post Globalism

A good statement on the demise of globalism. Modernity births no children.

It’s iron mixed with clay until the end. Its the toughness of iron mixed with the fine (ear tickling) pottery until that stone, cut out of the mountain without hands, falls to crush us all and put an end to all our woe and disappointments.

One thought on “Post Globalism”

  1. Businesses are a creation of the State and by their nature serve mammon, not God. I would not expect Chick-fil-a to come out of that pure as the newly driven snow. To those with high standards, they will have their problems. Truett Cathy will probably never qualify to build a house of worship. So, he joins the ranks of King David. If you are going to go into business, you are going to be making decisions that will not sit well with a lot of different people.
    See the list of their giving priorities for 2020 here

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