Technology In The Classroom

I think teachers need to teach and not simply train how to use technology that they think will do the teaching for them. Schools can provide limited resources off the grid/internet and control and limit content. It would not be as robust or dangerous as the internet, but it would be better than an encyclopedia and maybe even a library. Learning building blocks for how to think critically (a liberal arts education) does not require access to the world wide web.

More students are learning on laptops and tablets in class. Some parents want to hit the off switch.

  • “They were zoned out like little zombies,”
  • The school system is one of many coast to coast that have spent millions of dollars on initiatives aimed at putting computers or tablets in the hands of every student, sometimes as early as kindergarten.
  • The largest school district in Virginia, Fairfax County Public Schools, announced last year plans to provide Dell laptops to students starting in third grade. Less wealthy school systems have issued bonds to purchase devices, borrowing millions of dollars for laptops, iPads and Chromebooks.
  • Many parents fear that time spent on screens is eroding the quality of classroom instruction, causing skills such as math and handwriting to atrophy. Others worry that laptops and tablets are damaging children’s eyes and posture. And others have shared stories about students viewing pornographic or other inappropriate material on school-issued devices.

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