A Mysterious Database Exposed 200 Million Americans’ Personal Info

Unidentified Database Exposes 200 Million Americans | CyberNews
Source: https://cybernews.com/security/report-unidentified-database-exposes-200-million-americans/
The CyberNews research team uncovered an unsecured database owned by an unidentified party, comprising 800 gigabytes of personal user information.The database in question was left on a publicly accessible server and contained more than 200 million detailed user records, putting an astonishing number of people at risk.

  • Full names and titles of the exposed individuals
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Dates of birth
  • Credit ratings
  • Home and mortgaged real estate addresses, including their exact locations
  • Demographics, including numbers of children and their genders
  • Detailed mortgage and tax records
  • Detailed data profiles, including information about the individuals’ personal

Here is what I do

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