The Satanic Nature of the Global Elite, a Christian View

This lives up to its title.  There is a way to understand our word.  It is not easy, but it is possible.  Study people, the right people.  A lot of important questions related to our state.  Man has come up with a lot of dangerous ideas and now he is trying to manage them to a devious selfish godless end.  Is starvation a war tactic?  Will God leave us here to die?  I don’t know; have you been sitting or standing the last few days? I’m sure the elite put a limited time offer on viewing this material.

Roosh uses this stream to introduce his audience to Dyer’s work. Dyer is a popular YouTuber who specializes on manifestations of the occult in American popular culture, especially Hollywood, and Christian apologetics, i.e. arguments that Christianity is true.

One of the reasons it is a good conversation is that both Roosh and Dyer are serious Orthodox Christians, and Roosh is able to ask the right questions to bring out this aspect of Dyer’s work.
The last half of this 2.5 hour stream is devoted to Roosh asking Dyer about his Christian faith and how he came to Orthodoxy, and they discuss Orthodoxy’s merits compared to other Christian denominations. Dyer is Russian Orthodox, converted from Protestantism by way of Trad Catholic, and Roosh is Armenian Orthodox.

The last half hour is devoted to answering viewers’ questions during the live stream, and it is interesting that most of them were about Christianity.

Roosh is a well-known figure from the so-called ‘Manosphere’ who has embraced Christianity over the last two years. Both of these YouTubers have large audiences because they are smart and interesting. You can see Dyer’s recent videos on YouTube here.

Highly recommended.
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