Daniel’s Prayer For His Nation

Daniel’s prayer for his nation is my prayer for my nation. Lord, may Your will for my nation be done.

Elements of True Prayer, Part 1 Dan 9:1-3


“Prayer is born out of a comprehension of the standards and the plans and the principles and the precepts of God as revealed in His Word.”
An excellent introduction to how to pray from a study of Dan 9:1-3. Daniel “observed in the books” and this lead to an awesome prayer.
I. Prayer is Generated by God’s Word
II. Prayer is Grounded in God’s Will
III. Prayer is Characterized by Fervency

These are very trying times. We tend to forget all the battles that are on all the fronts that we are fighting these days. Grace church is constantly under attack. I am constantly under attack from unbelievable sources that you would be surprised to even know about. This is just part and parcel of life. We struggle in the spiritual areas with the families in our church. We struggle financially trying to meet needs. We have many battles and I really believe that it’s easy for people to sit in this church with all that we have around us and figure it’s all going so well, who needs my prayers.

And we say, Jesus is going to come anyway, and it’s all going to be well in the end. And we get very spiritual, but it’s really fatalism. And we never get on our knees with the fervency, and we never really identify with the will and the Word of God and the way that this beloved Daniel did. And consequently we miss that intimate communion.

You know, when you pray, you don’t always have to come to God for an answer. Sometimes, you can just come to God to carry the weight of the plan of God in your own heart. So that you can be identified with his great and eternal purposes. And I suggest to you beloved that the Lord isn’t telling us this all the time just so we can sit and walk out of here and forget it. The Lord is telling us this because he wants us to react to it.

I don’t believe we have ever seen in this church what God could do, if we became totally committed to prayer. If your theology messes up your prayer life, then you have got a bad theology, bad one. If you are studying the Word of God, then the natural response is that you commune with the God of the Word.

You know, I find in my own life that as I prepare a message, the whole experience of preparation is a combination of prayer and the ministry of the Word. I could never separate the two. For example, I come to a verse and I read it and I say Lord, what a truth and I usually get up and walk around because I have to move. Because, I get excited about it. Or I’ll come to a verse that I don’t understand and I say, Lord, I need your help on this, illuminate my mind, draw me to a scripture that will explain this. And the whole process of the Word is prayer.

John MacArthur, May 18, 1980

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