You Laughing At Me

You make us an object of contention to our neighbors,
And our enemies laugh among themselves.
Psalms 80:6

Gloating over another’s troubles is an age old problem. So, by now we know how to deal with it right? Though others laugh at us from time to time, it happens under God’s watchful eye. In return let us never make sport of another’s grief.

The following is taken directly from The Treasury of David by Spurgeon.


Thou makest us a strife unto our neighbours.

Always jealous and malicious, Edom and Moab exulted over Israel’s troubles, and then fell to disputing about their share of the spoil. A neighbour’s jeer is ever most cutting, especially if a man has been superior to them, and claimed to possess more grace. None are unneighbourly as envious neighbours.

And our enemies laugh among themselves.

They find mirth in our misery, comedy in our tragedy, salt for their wit in the brine of our tears, amusement in our amazement.

It is devilish to sport with another’s griefs; but it is the constant habit of the world which lieth in the wicked one to make merry with the saints’ tribulations; the seed of the serpent follow their progenitor and rejoice in evil.