Lord God of Hosts Part 2

O God of hosts, restore us
And cause Your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved.
Psalms 80:7

As mentioned earlier, God is not just your God but the God of hosts. If He is Lord over you commanding and directing, He is Lord over them commanding and directing as well. And if some of those others (angels, beasts, etc.) do not have the capacity to sin as you do, how in control is our God. How certain then does our world turn in His favor for His pleasure and His glory?

The following is taken directly from The Treasury of David by Spurgeon.



Turn us again, O God of hosts.

The prayer rises in the form of its address to God. He is here the God of Hosts. The more we approach the Lord in prayer and contemplation the higher will our ideas of him become.


Ver. 7. Turn us again, O God of hosts. See Ps 80:3 and observe that there it was only, “Turn us again, O God,” here “O God of hosts,” and Ps 80:19, “O Lord God of hosts.” As the bird by much waving gathers wind under the wing, and mounts higher, so does faith in prayer: viresque acquirit eundo. — John Trapp.

Ver. 7. Salvation may be certainly expected in God’s order; and if we labour to be sure of our turning to God, and living in the sense of communion with him, we need not make question of salvation, for that shall follow infallibly on the former two.

Turn us again, O God of hosts, and cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved. The last is not put up by way of prayer here, but promised to themselves, and put out of question, that it shall follow; Turn us, so shall we be saved,” say they. — David Dickson.