Internet Archive To Rewrite History

Information War? Internet Archive To Rewrite History With Alerts for Sites That Have Been Fact Checked – Activist Post

  • According to an blog post, you will now know if a page was pulled down or received an alert over what “fact-checkers” consider “misinformation.”This also includes “dead” web pages that were archived. The Internet Archive has started adding fact checks and context to Wayback Machine pages to explain just why the pages were removed. If a page was part of a disinformation campaign or pulled due to a policy violation, a distinct yellow banner will explain why.The fact checks will come from a variety of mainstream outlets, including, Politifact, the Associated Press, and the Washington Post.
  • Which absolutely in no way will be manipulated, right?
  • Of course, that’s obvious sarcasm, as those controlling what is and isn’t disinformation will be the wolves guarding the hen house so to speak.
  • Activist Post has previously shown links between one such fact-checker, NewsGuard ,and the intelligence community. The fact that anyone wants to police information like they are the Ministry Of Truth should scare the living shit out of you. However, the truth is scarier than you can even imagine. Especially when it comes to 9/11, which if you want the truth add up all the available public information to determine what really happened, an attack that was not only allowed to happen but it was helped along and you would still have unanswered questions. But of course, the fact-checkers have all the answers right?

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