The Unity of Evil

For they have conspired together with one mind;
Against You they make a covenant:
Psalms 83:5

What unites them?

Should the resistance equal the oppression? Can that be done by uniting our minds around the revealed will of God and a commitment to it?

The following is taken directly from The Treasury of David by Spurgeon.



For they have consulted together with one consent. They are hearty and unanimous in their designs. They seem to have but one heart, and that a fierce one, against the chosen people and their God.

They are confederate against thee. At the Lord himself they aim through the sides of his saints. They make a covenant, and ratify it with blood, resolutely banding themselves together to war with the Mighty God.


For they have consulted together with one consent. Margin, as in Hebrew, heart. There is no division in their counsels on this subject. They have one desire — one purpose — in regard to the matter. Pilate and Herod were made friends together against Christ (Luke 23:12); and the world divided and hostile in other matters, has been habitually united in its opposition to Christ and to a pure and spiritual religion. — Albert Barnes.

They have consulted together with one consent, etc. To push on this unholy war, they lay their heads together, and their horns, and their hearts too. Fas est et ab hoste doceri. Do the enemies of the church act with one consent to destroy it? Are the kings of the earth of one mind to give their power and honour to the beast? And shall not the church’s friends be unanimous in serving her interests? If Herod and Pilate are made friends that they may join in crucifying Christ, sure Paul and Barnabas, Paul and Peter, will soon be made friends, that they may join in preaching Christ. —Matthew Henry.

They have consulted together, etc. Though there may fall out a private grudge betwixt such as are wicked, yet they will all agree and unite against the saints: if two greyhounds are snarling at a bone, yet put up a hare between them, and they will leave the bone, and follow after the hare; so, if wicked men have private differences amongst themselves, yet if the godly be near them, they will leave snarling at one another, and will pursue after the godly. —Thomas Watson.

They are confederate against thee. “They have made a covenant,” berith yachriths, “they have cut the covenant sacrifice.” They have slain an animal, divided him in twain, and passed between the pieces of the victim; and have thus bound themselves to accomplish their purpose. —Adam Clarke.


The confederacies of evils against the saints.