US Capitol Protest: Ruling Class Tantrum Shows Americans We Must All Hang Together

US Capitol Protest: Ruling Class Tantrum Shows Americans We Must All Hang Together | Articles |

  • Power can only be checked by power, and because President Donald J. Trump and the Conservative Movement ™ didn’t oppose the emerging Totalitarian Left when they had the chance, the Historic American Nation is about to suffer real tyranny under the boot of our corporate and political rulers.
  • The good news: the Capitol Hill protest and its subsequent repression was another step in the radicalization, not of the Dissident Right, which already knows the score only too well, but of the mass of ordinary American patriots.
  • President Trump is receiving the Alex Jones treatment, having lost access to social media and his email service.
  • Still, there’s hope to be found in this situation because progressives aren’t leaving ordinary Americans any way out. There are no more “conservatives” because there’s nothing left to conserve. There are just patriots on the one hand and collaborators with an increasingly hostile and hateful regime on the other.
  • One interesting thing about the Stop The Steal protest is that many of the “hard Right” e.g. Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent did not go—for two reasons:
    • First, many had long since given up on President Trump and definitely did not “trust the plan.” They had no illusions that POTUS was going to suddenly spring a trap on his enemies or metaphorically cross the Rubicon and become an American Caesar. If Trump had been a Caesar to begin with, he wouldn’t be in this position.
    • Second, and more importantly, they remembered the Charlottesville Unite The Right atrocity from back in 2017.They knew the laws would be selectively enforced, that those who participated would be hunted down and persecuted, and that they could well be labeled “terrorists” simply for being around the event. In other words, the “hard Right” has already given up on the American system, knows this is not a free country, and has no illusions that the Constitution still applies.
  • Thus, American patriots are confused. They still have it in their head that the U.S. is something called a “free country” and that they have the right to speak out about what is happening. They are now being enlightened about the fact that this is no longer true.
  • The corporations that benefitted the most from President Trump’s conservative economic policies have lost no time blasting the president and his supporters
  • This is a far different reaction than what we saw after months of Black Lives Matter riots, where various foundations received over $35 billion in grants and pledges from corporate America
  • Thus Senator Dick Durbin is apparently going to reintroduce his anti-white “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act” [Senator Dick Durbin plans to reintroduce domestic terrorism bill in wake of Capitol Hill attack, ABC7, January 8, 2021]. The bill begins by claiming that “White supremacists and other far-right-wing extremists are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States.”
  • It outlines several measures, including a mandatory domestic terrorism office, mandatory trainings, mandatory screening for “infiltration” of the uniformed services (i.e. purging the military and police of any conservatives), and various task forces and “fusion centers” to enforce the above [S. 894–116th Congress (2019-220)March 27, 2019].
  • Obviously, such organizations will constantly manufacture alleged White Supremacist plots to justify their budgets.
  • However, remember that if you speak a little too angrily about American cities being burned to the ground, you will be the one dragged in:
  • Buzzfeed is championing Pavlik Morozovstyle Stalinist denunciations of family members [An 18-Year-Old Saw Her Mom, Aunt, And Uncle in DC In A Video–So She Named Themby Clarissa-Jan Lim, Buzzfeed, January 8, 2021].
  • Whatever could justify such extraordinary tactics? Well, the Washington Post tells us that nothing less than preventing the rise of Nazism is at stake (surely a curious comparison to an Administration that has been more pro-Israel than any other in American history) [Pre-Nazi Germany tells us the fight to save American democracy is just beginningby Michael BrennerJanuary 9, 2021].
  • Now, with both media fanaticism and state power joined together, America’s emerging Totalitarian Left have the tools to “cleanse” America. It will wield the state power that Trump and cowardly conservatives refused to touch for four years.
  • Why then am I optimistic? Yes, it will be tiresome having to master decentralized blockchains and various obscure technologies just to communicate. It will be stressful dealing with the constant threat of violence from the System or the System’s militant wing. But the whole process is forcing us to adapt to hostile conditions, something we should have been doing anyway. (It’s why has bought a castle).And I think that it has to be this way. The logic of the Democrat/MSM hysteria is that there must be an ever-greater number of kulak-style enemies to be demonized and deplatformed. However, if you do that to enough people, deplatforming loses its sting. It’s also mentally freeing us from having a stake in what goes on in Washington D.C. I don’t care about the various games our rulers are playing in the Middle East, the Pacific, and Eastern Europe. I love my country, but the Potomac Regime has very little to do with that country [Men Without A Countryby Addison Del Mastro, American Conservative, November 21, 2020].Where others see despair, I see a crucible, something that will pave the way for a true national rebirth. We are the heirs of those who endured Valley Forge. Greatness can emerge only from struggle. With its absurd talk of “insurrection” and ludicrously obvious double standards, the Ruling Class has designated tens of millions of deplorables as something less than citizens, people outside respectable society. It’s a mistake. Our rulers need us. We don’t need them.
  • Like I’ve always said, I’m a short-term pessimist. This week’s events may look like a tactical set-back. But it’s just speeding something up that was happening anyway. The Left just can’t hold itself back from its eliminationist rhetoric and its borderline genocidal hatred of the Historic American Nation. My advice to readers: obey the law. Don’t say crazy stuff. Don’t give them an excuse.
  • Nevertheless, my guess is a lot of us are going to look at each other, as American patriots did after George III responded to their Olive Branch Petition by declaring them traitors subject to the death penalty, and conclude that whatever our differences, “Now we will all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Mete Out Vengeance

Make their nobles like Oreb and Zeeb
And all their princes like Zebah and Zalmunna,
Psalms 83:11

There were historical precedents in view as Asaph compiled this Psalm. When the dust settled, these events became history lessons that instructed the people in the days ahead. God would answer Asaph’s plea as he reflected upon these events. May God hear our cry for help today. Men that act like carnivorous animals and pest need to come to an end like carnivorous animals and pest. Oreb and Zeeb both had their heads cut off Judg 7:25.

The following is taken directly from The Treasury of David by Spurgeon.



Make their nobles like Oreb, and like Zeeb. Smite the great ones as well as the common ruck. Suffer not the ringleaders to escape. As Oreb fell at the rock and Zeeb at the winepress, so do thou mete out vengeance to Zion’s foes wherever thou mayest overtake them. They boastfully compare themselves to ravens and wolves; let them receive the fate which is due to such wild beasts.

Yea, all their princes as Zebah, and as Zalmunnua. These were captured and slain by Gideon, despite their claiming to have been anointed to the kingdom. Zebah became a sacrifice, and Zalmunna was sent to those shadowy images from which his name is derived. The psalmist seeing these four culprits hanging in history upon a lofty gallows, earnestly asks that others of a like character may, for truth and righteousness’ sake, share their fate.


The word nobles is placed in antithesis with the names Oreb and Zeeb. The word nobles, denotes properly liberal, munificent, and beneficent men, such as princes and potentates ought to be among men, but the names Oreb and Zeeb have the very opposite signification, for the one signifies a raven, the other a wolf. When into such rapacious and truculent beasts their nobles have degenerated, as a just reward the hostile shock shall come upon them. — Hermann Venema.