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  • The key problem is that no one in the Ruling Class has an interest in stopping social collapse.
  • The path to power is seeking out things to be offended by and using state and media power to punish foes.
  • if you subsidize grievances, you’ll get more of it, until we get to the point where the system can no longer function.
  • When China is pursuing greatness while post-America is pursuing “equity,” it’s easy to see how this is all going to end
  • My view: what America needs is not extreme or unpopular. It involves abolishing racial distinctions in law, enforcing immigration control, establishing English as the official language, and giving ordinary Americans a stake in the social order by rebuilding the middle class with populist economic policies. Most of all, the government would need to stop incentivizing racial grievances politics. It doesn’t sound like much, but even as I write it, I know no Republican who would do it. Rather than trying to escape to civic nationalism, we have to figure out how to survive in a world defined by identity politics, rather than pretending it doesn’t exist [Dangerous Escapism, TheZMan, December 23, 2020].
  • Our job is to build a place of safety, physically, economically, and intellectually, for Americans who have been dispossessed from their birthright.

It seems more and more likely that what we need to do is let the current virus in our country run its course. It will not be easy, but probably will be the quickest way to see a healthier nation again.

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