With COVID disrupting the three races I use to motivate myself to stay in shape, I’ve come up with a work around. I am going to stretch myself a little this year and chart a virtual run back to my home town of McClure, Ohio to the house I grew up in.

This will be a 1489 mile journey and I hope to complete it in 365 days. I believe this will be the farthest I have run in a year. I need to average a little over 4 miles per day. For me this will be difficult but, it will all be down hill right? I will run my work out and then map that distance toward my destination.

Today’s Run

Beyond the mountain!

Let There Be No Rest For The Wicked

O my God, make them like the whirling dust,
Like chaff before the wind.
Psalms 83:13

Let there be no rest for the wicked.

From Calvin’s Commentaries in the mid 1500s.

The setting for this commentary on this Psalm was during a time when the true Church was about to be remembered no more. Calvin’s view in the midst of that time then is very interesting.

The same Spirit who inspired that pious king with such invincible fortitude dictated this psalm for the benefit of the whole Church, to encourage her with unhesitating confidence to betake herself to God for aid. And in our own day he sets before us these words, in order that no danger or difficulty may prevent us from calling upon God. When the whole world may conspire together against us, we have as it were a wall of brass for the defense of Christ’s kingdom in these words, “Why do the heathen rage?” etc., (Ps 2:1.)

It will be in no small degree profitable to us to contemplate this as an example in which we have represented to us, as in a mirror what has been the lot of the Church of God from the beginning. This, if rightly reflected upon, will keep us at the present day from being unduly dejected when we witness the whole world in array against us.
We see how the Pope has inflamed the whole world against us with diabolical rage.
Hence it is, that in whatever direction we turn our eyes, we meet with just so many hostile armies to destroy us. But when we have once arrived at a settled persuasion that no strange thing happens to us, the contemplation of the condition of the Church in old time will strengthen us for continuing in the exercise of patience until God suddenly display his power, which is perfectly able, without any created aid, to frustrate all the attempts of the world.

Patience is a virtue in times like ours. Knowledge of the acts of God can quiet the troubled heart and increase our endurance in the cause of good. May it be so with everyone who has his hope fixed on You, Lord. And let the wicked be devoid of such peace.

The following is taken directly from The Treasury of David by Spurgeon.



O my God, make them like a wheel; like a rolling thing which cannot rest, but is made to move with every breath. Let them have no quiet. May their minds eternally revolve and never come to peace. Blow them away like thistle down,

as the stubble before the wind. Scatter them, chase them, drive them to destruction. Every patriot prays thus against the enemies of his country, he would be no better than a traitor if he did not.