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Good News: The End Of The Fed Is Near

After lowering the interest rate to zero and pumping trillions into the market, the Fed is finding that it has no tools to address the inevitable bursting of the bubble. They may try to blame the economic tsunami on coronavirus, but this crash has been in the works for some time. Mises Institute President Jeff Deist joins today’s Liberty Report.

What to Do When a Bear Market Whacks Your 401(k)

If you saw that something you wanted—a car, a computer, a resort weekend—was on sale at a huge discount, you’d probably snap it up in a minute. Investments are no different. Just as stock prices don’t rise forever, they don’t fall forever either. If you bought when prices were higher than they are today, selling low is not the key to investment success. From

Master Your Money Devotional Guide 6-1

Back in September I mentioned to you God’s blessing upon my lending out some money to help a friend. After that my boss came to me to say I received a 2% raise. Coincidence? Maybe. About 16 months ago I made a decision to help a young family reach students on college campuses for Christ. It was a stretch for me to do. I never felt peace about it; it was an act of faith. I did know that it was a good thing to do. It was a bit sacrificial on my part and sacrifices never feel good. Shortly after, I started working with Crossroads Prison Ministry that has been one of the most rewarding activities I have ever done. I’ve worked hard at this ministry and my entire life seems to turn around it. Meanwhile, over this course of time my stats at work seemed to have risen. My manager told me the other day, “Congratulations for getting gold for the second quarter in a row!” What? I received gold twice and I didn’t even realize that. Making gold means I received $1500 bonus TWICE!!! Honestly, I don’t know how I did this because the only thing that changed was taking on grading these lessons and writing these letters to people in need. Praise God! That is all I’m going to say.

Master Your Money Devotional Guide 5-3

Thankfully, I knew these money principles before I got involved in any serious relationships. It was one of many filters I unconsciously created that made me look at how others handled money. It shows up in how they dress, their attitude, and many other ways. I knew before I asked your Mom to marry me she was probably on the same page. Through numerous discussions on the topic I was sure.