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The Price of Sarah Palin’s Wardrobe Keeps Going Up.

And we are to believe this is all about “charity.” This was the answer after pressed for an account in a previous press report. Lies and greed such as this we should avoid.

“And a final word to you arrogant rich: Take some lessons in lament. You’ll need buckets for the tears when the crash comes upon you. Your money is corrupt and your fine clothes stink. Your greedy luxuries are a cancer in your gut, destroying your life from within. You thought you were piling up wealth. What you’ve piled up is judgment. All the workers you’ve exploited and cheated cry out for judgment. The groans of the workers you used and abused are a roar in the ears of the Master Avenger. You’ve looted the earth and lived it up. But all you’ll have to show for it is a fatter than usual corpse. In fact, what you’ve done is condemn and murder perfectly good persons, who stand there and take it.” ~ James, Apostle of our Lord & Savior Jesus ~ 60 A.D.

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The price of Sarah Palin’s RNC-provided wardrobe is approaching the price of an average American home.

As the price of median US home prices continues to fall, the price of Sarah Palin’s wardrobe continues to rise.

They are said to include “other” accessories purchased for the “hockey mom” before the election.Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) campaign spent more than $150,000 on Palin’s wardrobe between late August and Nov. 4.

In early September, the RNC’s clothing buys for Palin included bills from Saks Fifth Avenue in St. Louis and New York for $49,425.74, and shopping trips to Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis, including one totaling $75,062.63 in September.
The clothing, the official says, is in the committee’s possession and

will be dispersed to national and local charities at the appropriate time.”
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Why We Need To Secure Liberty And Unite As A Freedom Force

because no one else is going to reach these people.
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Special report: Congo rape testimonies

  • The Guardian,
    Friday December 5 2008
  • Mirindi Euprazi was at home with her family when the rebels attacked. They broke into her home and took all her possessions, before torturing her, her husband and their teenage children. Then the horror began.
    “They forced my son to have sex with me, and when he’d finished they killed him. Then they raped me in front of my husband and then they killed him too. Then they took away my three daughters.” She hasn’t heard of the three girls, 13, 14 and 17, since. A small woman, she speaks softly and without visible emotion, but as she describes being left naked while her house burned, she raises a hand to cover her face.
    Almost every woman here has been raped, some countless times.
    “The women told me I was the first person from the outside world to reach them. They have had no help from aid agencies, nor from the Congolese government and the UN, because this area is too dangerous for them to travel to.”
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    Change the Media: No More Crooks and Liars

    Visit the site for what you can do – fill out the form and submit and spread the word.
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    To: ABC, AP, CBS, Chicago Tribune, CNN, FOX, Los Angeles Times, McClatchy, MSNBC, NBC, Newsweek, NPR, New York Times, PBS, Time, USA Today, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal
    On November 4, 2008, the American people demanded change in Washington DC.
    One of the most important changes must be excluding felons and proven liars from serious national policy debates, including our commercial airwaves and and opinion pages.
    This is not a First Amendment issue because we are not asking Congress or the White House to engage in censorship.
    Rather, this is an editorial standards issue. We believe any credible news organization should adopt standards that exclude felons and proven liars.
    Below is a list of individuals who have disqualified themselves from serious national policy debates.
    1. Convicted criminals
    Ted Stevens (2008)
    Bob Ney (2006)
    Duke Cunningham (2005)
    2. Under indictment
    3. Proven Liars
    4. Likely War Criminals
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    How to Deal with Monsters in the Media

    A great article outlining an effective way for dealing with monsters in the media that bring about so much chaos and destruction for all of us.
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    Paul Krugman, among my favorite political commentators, has spoken forthrightly of how during the past few years we have had “monsters” in office, naming Tom Delay, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. He complains that until recently, if an observer simply called them what they are, he or she was termed “shrill.”

    It is unacceptable that television news brings Tom Delay and Karl Rove on as bona fide political commentators, when both are criminals. The same thing goes for Oliver North. Delay has been indicted on corruption charges and had to step down from his seat in Congress. Rove led a campaign to have the press out a covert CIA operative who was attempting to stop Iranian nuclear proliferation, essentially blowing her cover and that of her contacts to Tehran (i.e. he is a traitor).

    There was a time when individuals so tainted with crime made themselves unacceptable in polite society, including on television.
    Instead, these monsters are being given air time. CNN brought Delay on to accuse B
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    Thomas Jefferson on Protecting the Rights of the People

    Self-evident truth that carries with it the force to change our way of thinking and in turn change the way we govern. This one should be read thoughtfully line by line.
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    Protecting the Rights of the People
    It had become an universal and almost uncontroverted position in the several States, that the purposes of society do not require a surrender of all our rights to our ordinary governors;
    that there are certain portions of right not necessary to enable them to carry on an effective government,
    and which experience has nevertheless proved they will be constantly encroaching on, if submitted to them;
    that there are also certain fences which experience has proved peculiarly efficacious against wrong, and rarely obstructive of right, which yet the governing powers have ever shown a disposition to weaken and remove.
    Of the first kind, for instance, is freedom of religion; of the second, trial by jury, habeas corpus laws, free presses.”
    –Thomas Jefferson to Noah Webster, 1790. ME 8:112
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    Lakota Nation Secedes Due to New World Order (Part 1)

    a pretty good summary in about 5 minutes of video.
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    The Lakota Nation, Native American tribe secedes from the U.S Treaty binding the peoples, legally, under articles concluded over 150 years ago. The leader, Duane Martin Sr. Cites the New World Order as a determining factor behind uniting the tribes’ resolve to dissolve the Treaty. And for good reason. The nation has had considerable trouble in keeping with the custom of being raped by the European powers and reduced their population by over 100 million, almost the greatest genocide in history, from the nation that proclaims to be the most just. An incredible Interview with Alex Jones and Duane Martin Jr. prefaced by Frnnk to tell the story of first, how and why they’ve decided to take this course of action.
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    Lakota Indians: To Become Free And Independent.

    The creativity of mankind never ceases to amaze me. Check out youtube for more videos related to this Revolution.
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    We, are the freedom loving Lakota, from the Sioux Indian reservations of Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana, who have suffered from cultural and physical genocide in the colonial apartheid system, we have been forced to live under.

    We are continuing the work that we were asked to do by the traditional chiefs and treaty councils, and 98 Indian Nations at the first Indian Treaty Council meeting at Standing Rock Sioux Indian Country in 1974.
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