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What’s With Wheat

If you have wondered or sensed a growing number of people becoming unhealthy it is not an illusion. Health is failing because our food is failing because our ground is failing.

“The story of wheat is the story of food. Our wheat has change dramatically, it doesn’t even resemble what it used to look like. Not only are we seeing more wheat and gluten sensitivity, there is also a strong connection between gluten and autoimmune disease. Tens of thousands of people are suffering with ill health and don’t realise it’s a result of the food choices they are making. Some assume it is part of their genetic make-up of the body changing as they get older. People need to become educated, knowledgeable and aware. They need to start making changes to improve the health of their children and future generations.”

What's With Wheat from What's With Wheat on Vimeo.

New! Monsanto Weed & People Killer

They need to rename this to Monsanto Weed & People Killer.

09/20/18 update
Monsanto Roundup cancer lawsuit: What is glyphosate? – Business Insider

The science linking glyphosate and cancer is limited at best.

Those Out of Reach Goals We Have

Duke City Marathon October 21

Since the middle of June I’ve been thinking a lot about running The Duke City half-marathon. I want to make up for a couple of races I missed this year. What puts me off is the incredible difficulty in recovering from a month of not running back in December because of sciatic nerve pain. The pain is completely gone; the difficulty is due to the age of my body and its reluctance to improve.  This makes a goal of running 13 miles seems so out of reach and undoable. Have you ever felt like why try if something is so out of reach? What do you do?

Dr. Mercola: First Thing To Do When a Cold or Flu Strikes

< ![if !supportLists]>1.      < ![endif]>Generally, decrease sugar intake. 

< ![if !supportLists]>2.      < ![endif]>With the reduced sun in the winter and therefore decrease in vitamin D, work on getting more sun.

< ![if !supportLists]>3.      < ![endif]>Mushrooms

There are other tips, but these are my notes for me.