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How The Police State Uses Crises To Expand Lockdown Powers, With John Whitehead

Great report I hope many listen to and act upon.
How much do you love liberty?
Freedom does not come from government.
Learn a new meaning of “deep state.”
Go home; Stay home; Shut the door; roll in the tanks; cut the internet; game over.

Gab’s Coronavirus News Command Center

While Facebook’s AI systems are recklessly marking legitimate journalism as spam, and Twitter allows a Chinese botnet to spread fake news about the Coronavirus, Gab is making it quick and easy to find breaking and top news related to the virus.

Everyday hundreds of thousands of Gabbers are sourcing and "trending" news from around the web. News is surfaced across mainstream, alternative, and independent journalists on both sides of the political spectrum, giving people a broad and objective overview of the entire media landscape. We wanted to put this data to good use so we built a Coronavirus News Command Center to help you stay informed dutring this pandemic. 

The Command Center features the latest data on confirmed cases, recoveries, and deaths broken down by country. Below this virus data, which comes from John Hopkins, is all of the Top, Breaking, and Trending news related to the Coronavirus. If you click into any country in the list you can get a breakdown by state where applicable. The news section also sources news items related to that specific country, so if you click on Italy for example you’ll see news about the virus in Italy. 

We hope you find this tool helpful and encourage everyone to stay safe, wash your hands, and do your part to help stop the spread of this global pandemic. 

Coronavirus Global Updates Command Center

Coronavirus US Updates Command Center