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Just Give Me The Mark Of The Beast Already

at 13.20 Alan Dershowitz says the state can vaccinate you by force if necessary. We should help get that news out there before everyone puts away their gun.

Camera Recording Device At Hyatt Hotel

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Police are investigating a report of recording devices found in guest rooms at a Minneapolis hotel.
The cameras were discovered at the downtown Hyatt Regency on Saturday.
WCCO’s Esme Murphy spoke with a cyber-security expert who warned: Situations like this are both common and hard to detect.
Minneapolis Police continue to release few details about the investigation, including what exactly they found and in how many Hyatt hotel rooms.
Much of the information in a police report has been redacted.
“It’s scary stuff,” said Mark Lanterman, Computer Forensic Services.

‘It’s Scary Stuff’: Cyber-Security Expert Says Recording-Device Investigation At Hyatt Hotel Is Not Uncommon – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

Hi There!

Google Admits That “Others” Can Access The Camera On Samsung & Android Smartphones – Activist Post

  • As handy as they are, our smartphones are literally portable tracking devices. Equipped with GPS technology, people can easily be located; and for most Android users a record of where they’ve been each day since they’ve had their fancy phones is stored online. If that’s not creepy enough, the microphones on our phones are also able to record our conversations because they are listening even when we don’t think they are. Finally, you know those handy front-facing cameras often used to capture the perfect selfie? Recently, researchers have revealed how this camera can be used to spy on users. Who would have thought?
  • The security research team from Checkmarx has uncovered a major vulnerability
  • I hope you are sitting down as it’s a lengthy and worrying list.
    • Take a photo using the smartphone camera and upload it to the command server.
    • Record video using the smartphone camera and upload it to the command server.
    • Wait for a voice call to start, by monitoring the smartphone proximity sensor to determine when the phone is held to the ear and record the audio from both sides of the conversation.
    • During those monitored calls, the attacker could also record video of the user at the same time as capturing audio.
    • Capture GPS tags from all photos taken and use these to locate the owner on a global map.
    • Access and copy stored photo and video information, as well as the images captured during an attack.
    • Operate stealthily by silencing the smartphone while taking photos and recording videos, so no camera shutter sounds to alert the user.
    • The photo and video recording activity could be initiated regardless of whether the smartphone was unlocked.