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Trafficking Children. Are you In or Out?


The real question is how do you get out? It’s our FBI; it’s our country; and these are doing the crime.

Listen to the witness/victim. Just listen. She is seeking justice while alive. Is her cry falling upon deaf ears? New Mexico is brought up. Richardson. She calls for pitchforks and revolution. Our country won’t protect kids. After the revolution they will.

I keep hearing these words; what do they mean?
2 Cor 11:20 For you tolerate it if anyone enslaves you, anyone devours you, anyone takes advantage of you, anyone exalts himself, anyone hits you in the face.

Epstein’s First Victim Names Names: Trump, Clinton, Rothschild!

These people of power could kill this witness/victim but they won’t because so few will believe her.

Get Lit: Epstein Estate Sued

Corporations and charitable organizations working hand in glove to abuse children 11+. This court record even describes the child trying to swim away, caught, and kept. Evil that needs everyone’s help to expose.