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What Does the World Wide Web Look Like to You?
If you could get a bird’s eye view of the Internet, what would it look like?  I think it looks much like the picture in the frame below - a Big Spaghetti Mess!  If you were a spider with a web like that, you would starve.
Spinning Your Web
You need to make the Internet work for you!  Do you have businesses and services that you would recommend to others?  We all do and we recommend them to others all the time.  Do those businesses offer referral fees?  Are you missing income opportunities?  You need to spin your web and take advantage of the Internet.  With today’s technology it is easy, fun, and profitable.  
This is what you can do.  You can buy some real estate in cyberspace (a personal domain name ( and web space).  Build your page and organize what you consider the best of the web and then use your page as your own personal electronic business card and share it with others.  It is not that difficult with today’s web building tools.  Let it work for you much like a spider web works for a spider!
This is what the Internet should look like to you.  Below are some of the people and organizations I have linked up with.  I have done business with each of these and gladly recommend their services to others.  Click on their link to learn more.  Check back often and you’ll find more bugs in my growing web!
LegalShield - affordable access to your local law firm.  (Watch the 90 second video by clicking on the banner below.)
IDShield - Identity theft protection that goes beyond just monitoring your credit report.  (70 second video) - Naturopathic techniques work.  I’ve seen it with myself, my family, and my friends.  
TEK Services - for all your HVAC needs.