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The Mission Statement of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

"Our commitment to you is to help balance the scales of justice and to empower you with knowledge about your legal rights.  The old adage is true:  If you don't know your rights, you simply don't have any."

I have to say, they certainly live up to it.


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...and tell him, you're going to call your lawyer before you answer either way to his request to search your car. Your lawyer now wants to speak to the officer.  Your lawyer then begins to assert your rights and even threatens the police office with a law suite after discovering no valid reason for the search. The officer is put back in his place. You are FREE to go.

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. has protected me and my family many times.

The bottom line is - even if you don't know your rights and even if you don't assert your rights you still can by owning this card and using it.  

Get the Big Picture

I don't know all my rights and I don't typically assert my rights, but our country was not designed to function when we remain silent about injustice.  I'm learning more about our rights and doing more to secure the blessings of freedom than ever before.  

How about you?  Does the right to call your attorney mean anything to you?  It can!  

Learn more about this service by clicking the link below.  You’ll see a full video presentation and FAQs.  You may also contact me to learn more.


Robert Coss.
My Business.

Watch Justice For All: Accessing the Promise – Testimony on defeating racism at Stop Racism Today.

Get the full length Justice For All: Accessing the Promise video (30 min) – includes testimony of how you can stop an illegal police search. Order your copy below.

America: Freedom to Fascism - Trailer (I highly recommend this movie.)

Includes testimony of lawyer on how he stopped a police search for a young man who knew something was wrong..

DVD-Justice For All: Accessing the Promise


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America: Freedom to Fascism is a force of nature.  The Russo-shepherded truths are self-evident.  [By watching this film you will] suddenly understand the culture of corruption. ~ Stephen Neitzke

DVD-America: Freedom to Fascism


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What do you do when a phone company lures you in with a money back guarantee, but when you cancel the service they don’t return your money?  They would only give me credit! I could not convince them otherwise.  But I got my money back after getting Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. involved!
Who do you consult when you have some real estate deals to work out?  I lost track of how many times I called asking questions regarding real estate propositions, contracts, and procedures.  Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. was there to help.
Suppose it were 3 am and an officer pulled you over for neon lights on your car. Now he wants to search your car and you don't think that is right.  Suppose you simply handed him this card...

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