Finkelthink Deep-Dive

Where did negative campaigning come from among other thing we see in our corrupt politics.  Why do democrats and republicans hate each other?  There is an answer.  When the choice is between stupid and corrupt why do you vote for  the corrupt?

Don’t Fink Me Bro: FTN’s Ultimate Finkelthink Deep-Dive

    • If you’ve ever wanted the collection of ground-breaking FTN Finkelthink deep-dives in one place, we’ve got you covered. Beginning with revealing the so-called “Russian” collusion of the 2016 presidential election as distinctly Israeli in origin, Jazz and James take you down a series of rabbit h oles that explain the concept of Finkelthink and how it facilitates the artificial dichotomy of “democratic” politics in White countries around the world that many attribute to a broken system. This political dichotomy, or “kosher sandwich”, has been constructed as a means of blunting White political ambitions by pitting intentionally divided conservative and liberal factions against each other while promoting Jewish hegemonic interests; White genocide above all else. Have a brother, uncle, or friend stuck in the dead-end paradigm of America’s two-party system? This is for you.

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South Africa Here We Come

South Africa is Teaching Us a Lesson, Will We Learn? – Conversations That Matter

    • Not only are older books on South African history destroyed and replaced with Marxist retellings, but geographic locations have been renamed and monuments to white South Africans taken down. Sound familiar?
    • The present day Black Lives Matter movement echoes the policies and attitudes of South African political groups like the African National Congress, Black First Land First, and the Economic Freedom Fighters who are known for calling for the deaths of white farmers at their rallies. 
    • Between 2012 and 2016 the attacks on farms increased 72.9% according to the Blood Sisters, a private organization responsible for cleaning up crime scenes.
    • These statistics are both undocumented and unreported by the government and news organizations.
    • The drowning of a twelve year old in boiling hot water, an elderly man ambushed and shot execution style in the head six times in his own home, and an elderly woman strangled and her eyes gouged out with a kitchen fork are just a few of the incidents. Unfortunately, the government offers little assistance and rural farmers have to coordinate their own protection.
    • As people and organizations in the Unites States wrestle with questions of critical race theory, intersectionality, and all that co mes with them, including deconstructing history and considering reparations, I hope they will remember what is happening in South Africa.

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