United Airlines to Put Unvaccinated Workers With Religious Exemptions on Unpaid Leave

Tyranny American style or should I say United Airlines style.

The time for soft pedaling is over at United Airlines. Not only was it the first major U.S. carrier to mandate jabs for all workers, United is now going a step further and risking possible lawsuits by putting workers with religious exemptions on leave — without a paycheck.

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United Airlines to Put Unvaccinated Workers With Religious Exemptions on Unpaid Leave – Skift

Can You Sue Your Employer For Emotional Abuse?

Harassed at Work: Can You Sue for Emotional Abuse? – E & B


  • When you are harassed at work, it can make you dread every shift and put your physical and mental health at risk. But can you do anything to stop it? Can you sue for emotional abuse if harassed at work?

    In this post, I will review the laws that prot ect employees from workplace harassment and emotional abuse. I will summarize the damages available for stress, mental health treatment, and other emotional distress, and how an employment discrimination attorney can help you be compensated for your emotional pain and suffering.

  • Emotional Abuse Can Cause Serious Health Concerns
  • Workplace harassment can include:
  • Unreasonable work demands
  • Intimidation
  • Humiliation
  • Th reats to a person’s job
  • Psychological harassment can seriously harm an employee’s well-being and productivity.
  • Stress and trauma can also cause physical illnesses including ulcers, digestive issues, and sleep disorders.
  • When Emotional Abuse is Illegal
  • What to Do When Workplace Harassment Isn’t Discrimination
  • Damages Available in an Emotional Abuse Lawsuit
  • If you and your employment discrimination attorneys determine you have a valid emotional abuse lawsuit, you may be able to recover a variety of damages and other remedies. On the one hand, you will be entitled to back pay and front pay for any time you were unable to work as a result of the abuse. This can cover leaves of absence under FMLA or short-term disability, as well as constructive firing if you had no choice but to leave your job.
  • You should also keep a record of all actual costs connected to the abuse and any related job loss. You may be able to receive compensation for anything from hospital bills and therapy costs to travel for interviews in replacement jobs or training needed to shift employment.
  • Finally, if you want to keep your job, you may be entitled to injunctive relief. This is where a judge orders your employer to change its ways. An injunction could require a company to create or enforce anti-harassment policies, change hiring, job assignment, and firing practices, or put managers, supervisors, and employees through training. A judge could even require a business to fire the one responsible for the harassment.

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