Ahmaud Arbery – 7 Facts Not To Be Considered

Something about this case reminds me of Proverbs 29:1.

Ahmaud Arbery Case: Seven Facts the Jury Will (Probably) Never Hear


  • Recall that Arbery charged Travis McMichael after Travis and his father Greg McMichael had stopped their pickup truck in the street some distance from Arbery, with Travis standing outside the tr uck’s driver’s side door.  The event was being filmed by neighbor William “Roddy” Bryan on his phone, as he followed some further distance behind in his own vehicle.  The reason for the pursuit of Arbery was the belief that Arbery might have just committed a felony burglary of a local home under construction located at 220 Satilla Drive.
  • 1. Arbery Was a Convicted Thief
  • 2. Arbery Was Convicted Felon, Sentenced to 5 Years for Unlawful Gun Possession at a School
  • 3. Arbery Was On Felony Probation on the Date He Died
  • 4. Arbery Was High When He Charged Travis McMichael and Fought for Shotgun
  • 5. Arbery Was Literally “Off His Meds” When He Charged Travis McMichael
  • 6. Arbery Frequently Used “Jogging” As a Cover To Facilitate/Excuse Theft Activities
  • 7. Arbery Had Repeatedly Cased the 220 Satilla Drive Property For Weeks Prior to His Death

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