MTV and Freemasonry

What should become of the Masonic Temple post-MTV?

    • Posted on November 07, 2012
    • As was reported last week, the historic Masonic Temple building at Yonge and Davenport, presently the home of MTV Canada, is being vacated by its owners, Bell Media, and its future hasn’t been decided. Formerly occupied by CTV, the Masonic Temple, despite its name, has a rich history as a concert venue. Many of the biggest names in rock have played here since the 1960s.
    • Henderson says the current MTV studios at the temple were increasingly “orphaned” from other Bell Media operations at Queen Street. A lack of HD recording facilities and other production constraints on the Yonge Street property make it easier and cheaper to build new studios rather than renovating the Masonic Temple.

      “Our real estate department is evaluating the property and determining the best use for it. That may change as we move forward but currently we’ve made the decision to move MTV out and are determining what we do next.”

    • The Masonic Temple was built in 1917 at a cost of $200,000 to house various masonic lodges and chapters. A former Methodist Church on the site was demolished to make way for the new building which, according to the Toronto World, was “rushed to completion.” From its first days, the new building doubled as a performance space.
    • If it were to be sold to developers or a company outside the media industry it would mark the first time in the Masonic Temple’s 95-year history that it didn’t have at least some connection to music or performance of some kind.

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Fair Trial

Why would a burning police station affect your decision as a jury member?

Derek Chauvin seeking new trial for case of George Floyd

    • Protesters rally in front of a burning police station in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 28, 2020.

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Jan 6 Political Prisoners & Families Live in Hell

Mom of J6 Political Prisoner: ‘We Are Half Alive’ › American Greatness

    • Arrested in his home state of Washington last February on nonviolent charges related to the Capitol protest on January 6, 2021, Nordean, 31, has spent the past year in jail, mostly in solitary confinement. He hasn’t held his young daughter or hugged his wife and parents for months.
    • Ethan Nordean, a man with no criminal record who is not accused of committing any violence on January 6, has been incarcerated since April 2021.
    • the man most responsible for Nordean’s captivity is Judge Timothy J. Kelly
    • Nordean’s father, Mike, a successful restaurant owner in Seattle, offered a $1 million bond, the bulk of his life savings, and installed cameras around his home to assure Kelly, the judge assigned to the case, that he and his wife would enforce any conditions of release.

      But Kelly was unpersuaded.

    • Claiming Nordean might be guilty of “a federal crime of terrorism,” Kelly denied Nordean’s release.
    • Nordean’s attorneys, David and Nicholas Smith, immediately appealed. But three judges on the D.C. Circuit Court, including Trump appointee Neomi Rao, upheld Kelly’s decision to detain not just Nordean but his co-defendant, Joseph Biggs, until trial for “coordinating a large group of people and facilitating unlawful conduct,” on January 6. (Kelly has ordered pretrial detention for all five of Nordean’s co-defendants in the Proud Boys case.)
    • Nordean’s life, and those of his family members, have been a living hell ever since. He’s been held in solitary confinement for weeks at a time, and recently was transferred from a prison near his home to one in Virginia. As is the situation for every detained January 6 defendant, Nordean cannot easily access discovery material or regularly communicate with his lawyers to prepare his defense.
    • Sixth Amendment violations don’t apply, Kelly wrote,
    • “It’s like torture,” Mike Nordean said. “It’s not only an injustice to Ethan but an injustice to the whole family.”
    • The Americans involved in the events of January 6, 2021, did not attempt to “overthrow democracy.” Instead, it is the people in power—including Merrick Garland and his line prosecutors—who are systematically and unapologetically destroying the basic tenets of jurisprudence in a myopic mission to punish political dissidents.

      And no one more so than D.C. District Court Judge Timothy J. Kelly.

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The Art of Learning

The following statements were made in 1947.

    • “Has it ever struck you as odd, or unfortunate, that today, when the proportion of literacy is higher than it has ever been, people should have become susceptible to the influence of advertisement and mass propaganda to an extent hitherto unheard of and unimagined?”
    • “Is not the great defect of our education today—a defect traceable through all the disquieting symptoms of trouble that I have mentioned—that although we often succeed in teaching our pupils “subjects,” we fail lamentably on the whole in teaching them how to think: they learn everything, except the art of learning.”
    • “For we let our young men and women go out unarmed, in a day when armour was never so necessary. By teaching them all to read, we have left them at the mercy of the printed word. By the invention of the film and the radio, we have made certain that no aversion to reading shall secure them from the incessant battery of words, words, words. They do not know what the words mean; they do not know how to ward them off or blunt their edge or fling them back; they are a prey to words in their emotions instead of being the masters of them in their intellects.”
      Dorothy L. Sayers (The Lost Tools of Learning)

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