a job in healthcare with a freedom-minded organization

For anyone looking for a job in healthcare with a freedom-minded organization, (or if you know of a healthcare worker who is looking for this type of position), please review and pass on the following information:
Wellness Studios Inc. Jobs
Dr. Sandra Herrera-Spinelli, Executive Director
Wellness Studios Inc.
Wellness From Within PC
10052 Coors Blvd. NW

Office: see this
See Job Description
Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor
$15 – $30 an hour
Psychiatric Certified Nurse Practitioner Or Psychiatric Clinical Nurse
$30 – $45 an hour
Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
$15 – $27 an hour

She was 14 years old

presiding Judge John Irby (appointed, let the record show, by a Republican governor) is allowing Kollie’s attorney to attempt an insanity defense.


Wait. maybe it is this link



This is a review of the following book with questions and comments along the way.  Feel free to answer or ask questions and leave comments to enrich our learning.

05.2 Discussion Questions

  1. Where did the idea of sharing your burdens or sins during AA meetings come from?
  2. Give two reasons why we can conclude that the Oxford Group was not practicing true Christianity in respect to either salvation by faith (freedom over the penalty of sin) or sanctification by faith (freedom from the power of sin).
  3. Besides emphasis on subjective sharing what other two things influenced Wilson?
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