What is Truth Pt 1

For the past 2 years I have used the following diagram to describe the direction of our Family Dinner Meetings. I want to update that now as we move into our next topic on truth.

The new design highlights the complexity and variety of problems we have seen, yet this design continues to assert that any and all problems can be addressed by the solution. This will become clear as we understand the solution more and more. In a way this will be like the job of detecting counterfeit money. If you learn what the original looks like, then you can detect the counterfeits and have nothing to do with them.

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  • The Children & the CIA (1:12)

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  • Discuss: Should you hold them or let them go?

5th Generation Warfare

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Luke 16

All the world’s problems boil down to one of these two starting points. Getting your life to revolve around the correct master, the one that will be around forever, is probably a wisest way to go. (Luke 16:13) When you encounter a problem, ask, how closely tied to money is this?

The Truth Project #1

So, with all the problems that confront us, and all the deception thrown at us, how can we build a safe society after this one falls apart? This next series, The Truth Project, will help us program our mind to solve the problem.

When Jesus came into the world, His nation was in shambles and barely recognizable; it was falling apart. In fact, Jerusalem fell 40 years after Jesus was crucified. Surely He saw the writing on the wall. Nations don’t fall apart over night; surely He saw signs of the coming collapse. How did He deal with this? What did He do?

Well, we can know what He did and how He handled the situation because all that was written down for us to read. We can know by reading the four Gospels. He began to prepare others. He made disciples. He lived a life worth emulating. He built credibility. He invited others in to train them in the way they should go. John 17 is one chapter that explains most of that.

As we have been learning from our previous meetings, man was created to solve the problem of evil in all its forms.

  1. ANGELS introduced evil into existence.
  2. God made MAN to erase evil (Gen 3:15; 1 John 3:8).
  3. God made man MALE and FEMALE (Gen 1:27-28).
  4. God made FAMILY to multiply the solution.
  5. God made NATIONS to protect families (Gen 10:5).

Now we come to another core ingredient in God’s solution for eradicating evil > TRUTH.

We will introduce the subject today by watching 20 minutes of the first lesson.




Biography: Dr. Del Tackett


Introduction to the Series


Introduction to What Is Truth?


Why did Jesus come into the world?

Biography: Dr. Del Tackett

Introduction to the Series

Introduction: What Is Truth?

Part 1: Why did Jesus come into the world?

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