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Who is liable for adverse reaction to the “clot shot?”

Employers who mandate covid vaccines may be held liable for “any adverse reaction” | The Most Revolutionary Act

    • Some smaller, independently-owned restaurants and boutiques run by “woke” fascists are also hoping to force the employ ees, and possibly even their patrons, to get injected. Each one needs to be identified and targeted with lawsuits to prevent this disease of medical fascism from spreading.

Some great comments on this site/page…

  • Some smaller, independently-owned restaurants and boutiques run by “woke” fascists are also hoping to force the employees, and possibly even their patrons, to get injected. Each one needs to be identified and targeted with lawsuits to prevent this disease of medical fascism from spreading.
  • I think it’s time “We the People” started doing our OWN surveys in local neighborhoods door to door to see how many people are actually DYING from this ,. It’s been proven OVER AND OVER that our govt and subsidiaries( Fact Check ect) CANNOT be trusted to give us anything but their SLANTED “truths”
  • I cannot get the vac and I had Covid in Feb anyway. They are not taking into account natural immunity with the numbers. I discussed with my Dr. and brought up that I had pox and measels when I was a kid. Does this mean I need the pox and measels vac? He chuckled and said why would you want to purposely give yourself shingles or rubella? They say antibodies last 5 to 7 months? I don’t buy that. There is not enough data collected because not enough time has passed. This is all rush to make a decision. So let me ask leaders of companies. Let’s say you are interested in buying XYZ company for 50 million bucks. Would you be okay with only having 5 to 7 months worth of profit and loss statements? Heck no. They want more like 10 years worth of profit and loss. This is nothing more than We the People being controlled by government and corporations. Yet another reason I am trying to get this farm business going so I can leave at least corporate America.
  • My employer did a company-wide regardless of where you work from audit of who got vac and who did not all under the ruse of creating the new hot spots to work from. My employer got 99% working from home when in 2019 they were pushing to bring folks back to the office starting with the finance area in fall of 2019. The plan was to then have those that manage others by spring of 2020. My boss was not happy since all her employees are remote and not one employee would be in the same office as her so what was the point? I told her this new push was not going to happen in the fall of 2019. Covid struck and the company had to work fast to get everyone WFH. We hit 99% relatively fast and our finance executive responded about how much money we are saving not leasing or owning office space. DAH. Maybe my executive should have read my dissertation about WFH. I have WFH for 21 years. Now this push to bring folks back to the office AGAIN. My employer is giving us money to vac. Now the audit is done as of the 4th of Aug so managers will know who has vac and who does not. Does this mean you fire those that don’t even when we WFH. I will always WFH because there is no office near me that is a logical commute and I would never drive for a job anyway. They talk about lessening our carbon footprint so hey, WFH is one of the best ways to achieve that goal. Already sent a bill proposal with my research to Congress showing the benefits of WFH but no one ever got back to me. Not surprised. The next thing is employers mandating vac even for WFH. Silly. I cannot take any vac due to medical reasons. My Dr. does not recommend it. My Dr. is not vac either. Personal choice. Says no FDA approval and there is no 100% data on all the side-effects on something that was pushed to market. Look at Round Up and Zantac and how long they were on the market and the class action suits. Can you imagine in 2, 5, 10 years all the side-effects that are going to come to light getting this vac pushed to market and the class action suits against the drug manufacturers. Not to mention employers mandating and the class action suits there. When my employer mandates and I am sure they will, I am getting it all in writing and going to let them know my concerns based on my medical condition and what are they going to do for my family when I die from getting the vac beyond my company life insurance I pay for. My husband already said he will sue my company for my death. We already have a class action suit against us in the state of NY. I can see the flood gates opening wide because of Covid.
  • This virus has become just a political chess piece. Big Pharma, big tech and big government all on one side of the board.

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Suffering after Vaxxed

WATCH: West Virginia University Employee Speaks Out About Her Horrible Pain and Suffering After Getting Vaxxed at Employee Meeting Against Mandatory Vaccine Mandate

  • My best friend is in her 30s, has been a Cancer Center nurse for around 10-15 years, and the only Nurse Navigator for WVUH. She received her vaccines and is now part of the vaccine injured and is one of the people leading the fight against the WVUH mandates. This is exactly why my husband will not take the shots, as well as many others we know and have met through this battle.
  • “I trusted science for 15 years! I’ve held the hands of patients dying, I have given chemo… I am an advocate of my patients so right now I will be an advocate to all of you!

    On February 3rd, I had my second Pfizer in the cancer institute. Within 6 minutes, my arms and legs went numb. I had hives, my face went numb, my heart rate went to 160 to 180. I was rushed to the emergency room….

  • We are being censored, we are being diminished. Who is okay in here that there are over 13,000 deaths from the vaccine?….My 7 months of my life were taken away from me. For 2 months I couldn’t function they thought I have multiple sclerosis.
  • On February 3rd, a 35-year-old healthy woman, who works out 4 times a week that can take care of 8 and 4-year-old and she can go to work and takes care of cancer patients, and all of a sudden I’m at home in bed.. My head is spinning and my blood pressure is 70 over 30. I’m standing here right now with sinus tachycardia(?) My heart rate is at 100 or above all the time.

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Can You Sue Your Employer For Emotional Abuse?

Harassed at Work: Can You Sue for Emotional Abuse? – E & B

  • When you are harassed at work, it can make you dread every shift and put your physical and mental health at risk. But can you do anything to stop it? Can you sue for emotional abuse if harassed at work?

    In this post, I will review the laws that prot ect employees from workplace harassment and emotional abuse. I will summarize the damages available for stress, mental health treatment, and other emotional distress, and how an employment discrimination attorney can help you be compensated for your emotional pain and suffering.

  • Emotional Abuse Can Cause Serious Health Concerns
  • Workplace harassment can include:
  • Unreasonable work demands
  • Intimidation
  • Humiliation
  • Th reats to a person’s job
  • Psychological harassment can seriously harm an employee’s well-being and productivity.
  • Stress and trauma can also cause physical illnesses including ulcers, digestive issues, and sleep disorders.
  • When Emotional Abuse is Illegal
  • What to Do When Workplace Harassment Isn’t Discrimination
  • Damages Available in an Emotional Abuse Lawsuit
  • If you and your employment discrimination attorneys determine you have a valid emotional abuse lawsuit, you may be able to recover a variety of damages and other remedies. On the one hand, you will be entitled to back pay and front pay for any time you were unable to work as a result of the abuse. This can cover leaves of absence under FMLA or short-term disability, as well as constructive firing if you had no choice but to leave your job.
  • You should also keep a record of all actual costs connected to the abuse and any related job loss. You may be able to receive compensation for anything from hospital bills and therapy costs to travel for interviews in replacement jobs or training needed to shift employment.
  • Finally, if you want to keep your job, you may be entitled to injunctive relief. This is where a judge orders your employer to change its ways. An injunction could require a company to create or enforce anti-harassment policies, change hiring, job assignment, and firing practices, or put managers, supervisors, and employees through training. A judge could even require a business to fire the one responsible for the harassment.

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When Your Workplace Gives You PTSD

When Your Workplace Gives You PTSD | by The Establishment | The Establishment | Medium

  • Too anxious to type, I placed my hands on my keyboard and stared stiffly at my screen, willing myself to work but not capable of thinking beyond the inevitable fury that was about to be unleashed.
  • While I hated for anyon e on my team to experience my director’s doomsday, I couldn’t help but hope that I wasn’t the one in her crosshairs.
  • on countless occasions also included stops along the way to allow for dry heaving out the door of my car.
  • my drives home were often soundtracked with loud, angry “grrl” metal music and lots of screaming.
  • I would finally fall asleep with the aid of a few alcoholic beverages.
  • It was a dark time in my life. I was sad, frazzled, worried, and had very little self-worth.
  • This is no huge surprise, really, as any closed-door session with my director was laden with intense shaming, blaming, and questions like, “So, when do you think you’re going to get better at your job?” To this day, a sense of dread precedes any interaction with an authority figure.
  • I began to see a therapist
  • “If you think about trauma as a physical image, it’s a wound — a threat to the well-being of the organism,” says Dr. Paul White, a licensed psychologist who consults on workplace relationships and co-authored Rising Above a Toxic Workplace. “It’s significant. And it can happen over time, with multiple events that add up, or from a singular event.”
  • “It can be classified as emotional abuse,” adds Dr. L. Michael Tompkins, a clinical psychologist with expertise in PTSD and founder of Straight Ahead Management. “Bad bosses can be guilty of months or years of berating, overworking, withholding information, threatening, and not appreciating one’s work, which can definitely cause PTSD-like symptoms, if not an actual diagnosis.”
  • PTSD symptoms include (but aren’t limited to) depression, anxiety, social isolation, guilt, lack of pleasure, hyper-vigilance, hyper-arousal, sleep interruption, flashbacks, and nightmares. All of which I could relate to, despite the absence of a clinical diagnosis and despite having a job writing and editing words rather than saving lives or protecting our country.
  • Bottom line, trauma is trauma, no matter how big or small or where it occurs.
  • a bully is ex actly what my director was. “Bullying is psychological violence,” says Dr. Lynne Curry, author of Beating the Workplace Bully, president of the management consulting firm, The Growth Company, Inc., and founder of the Workplace Coach and Bully Whisperer blogs. “Although some individuals occasionally bully, a bully intentionally and repeatedly humiliates and intimidates.”
  • No matter what tactic the bully employs, the end result is likely a toxic workplace, which White explains is the result of one or more of three major components: a sick system, wherein the structure of the workplace organization isn’t healthy, due to little to no communication, a lack of good decisio n making, and accountability; a toxic leader, who is generally not just incompetent at leading employees, but someone who is narcissistic, manipulative, condescending, and inauthentic, and steals the credit of others;
  • Repeated exposure to a workplace bully or toxic job environment is stressful, and should be addressed quickly, when possible. “A target experiencing bullying is initially highly motivated to figure out what’s happening,” says Curry. “Long-term, high-intensity bullying gives the target an overwhelming feeling of danger, leading to the chronic state of anxiety and cognitive confusion, a characteristic of PTSD.”
  • To avoid becoming the victim, Curry says to beware of the classic of traps of living in denial, isolating yourself, getting angry and losing your temper, and stooping to the level of others.
  • preventing yourself from the slow or fast decline into feeling completely powerless starts with you,” she says. “Be willing to exit your comfort zone and deal directly with the bully. Learn to turn the tables on the bully by direct statements of ‘that’s not going to work on me’ and with questions, thus taking control of the confrontation by forcing the bully to answer your question, rather than your responding to his or her volley.”
  • I admit to feeling outmatched by my director. Not only did she outrank me, but she also had decades of experience in the working world that left me feeling like a newb. Still, I made a concerted effort of documenting the troublesome events as best possible, finding strength in numbers by banding together with other coworkers, and talking to my HR group and a higher executive when matters got of hand. I’d like t o say my “squeaky-wheel” activities made a significant change, but in the end, leaving my job was the only real solution.

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Many Faces of Trauma

Can the work place do this to you too?

The Many Faces Of Trauma. PTSD is a natural response to trauma… | by Kelley Calkins | The Establishment | Medium

  • PTSD can certainly be caused by combat, but also by, among other triggers: sexual violence, emotional abuse, natural disasters, harassment, car accidents, chronic illness, experiencing a robbery, being stalked, shootings, neglect, the sudden death of a loved one, discrimination, kidnapping, a family member with addiction or mental health issues — even witnessing another’s trauma or spending prolonged time with someone who has PTSD.
  • But then I thought about the difficulty of conceiving of myself as someone with PTSD, how this had interfered with my ability to feel like I’d even deserved treatment — I’m not a soldier, I’d thought, I haven’t been shot, watched a friend be killed. I thought about all the red-eyed research I’d done on trauma — seeking to understand just how and why it was intent on keeping me from sleep, from feeling anything but high-grade terror, keeping me even, at times, dissociated and separate from my own body. I thought about how many others I’d discovered who shared this sort of diagnostic imposter syndrome, a hesitance to claim a label that felt unearned.
  • I thought about how absurd it would be to feel like one hadn’t earned the discomfort of, say, heartburn — and then to feel crushing shame and guilt for even thinking that the pain they felt in their stomachs and throats was something worth being treated with any kind of seriousness. I thought about all the veterans who are so often unfairly and harmfully painted as violent, out-of-control abusers who could explode at any moment.

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Death Is Not Necessarily a Pleasant Transition

Blog Post – Death Is a Pleasant Transition

  • the pain of death and loss forces you to stake out a position on your own inevitable demise.
  • Most of the world clings to the blind and often baseless hope that its dearly departed are “in a better place.”
  • People simply believe it because the alternative is too unthinkable to bear.
  • Pretending lost loved ones lived better lives than they did might help us sleep better, but it dishonors the Lord and devalues His righteous standard.
  • Hell is heavily populated with people who did not expect to be there. Whether through rebellion or self-deception, they will spend eternity separated from God in torment that should make us shudder.
  • Christ made that very point in Luke’s gospel.
  • The biblical reality is that death is not a pleasant transition
  • The apostle John makes it abundantly clear that death represents the most horrifying transition imaginable for most people.
  • The onus is on us as Christians to comfort the affl icted and afflict the comfortable. Those who presume upon eternal life without having repented of their sins and trusted in Christ must be warned of their impending doom. Conversely, those who despair at the hopeless thought of God’s sure judgment can be comforted in the knowledge of Christ’s substitutionary work as our righteous Savior and Redeemer.

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