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Parents Speak Out About Their Children Dying from the Vaccines

  • Pfizer announced recently that they have begun testing their COVID-19 vaccine on children under 12 years old, and for some trials as young as 6 months.
  • Coronavirus vaccines may be widely available by the fall for U.S. children as young as 6 months, drugmakers say. Some schools may move to mandate the vaccines for children to be able to return to classes without masks.
  • As vaccinations in the young ramp up, thousands of families – banned from sharing their stories on most social media platforms – are speaking out on alternative outlets.
  • Immunologists like Dr Byram Bridle have also recently spoken out about newly obtained data showing the accumulation of spike proteins in vital organs of the body, which experts call the likely culprit of the serious blood clotting and other adverse events the CDC’s VAERS system has been reporting.

Eventually, People are Going to Get Sick of These Blacks

Watch this video. It’s 21 seconds and it communicates so much about what is happening right now.

Blacks have now been unleashed.

  • Fighting these blacks on the street is pointless. Even if it wasn’t controlled by feds (and it all will be), there is no end goal to it.
  • This system is irredeemable. It is 100% satanic, God has abandoned it, it is doomed. There is nothing left to save.
  • Some of you will be drawn to a movement to fight the blacks and Antifa on the street. But that is the point – the feds know you will be drawn to it. That is their game.
  • enjoy your life, and wait for the collapse