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Oh Now You Tell Me

US restricts use of Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine over rare blood clot risk | Coronavirus | The Guardian

    • The Food and Drug Administration said the shot should only be given to adults who cannot receive a different vaccine or specifically request Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine.
    • follow-up studies have consistently shown lower effectiveness for Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine. And while the blood clots seen with Johnson & Johnson’s shot are rare, officials say they are still occurring.

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We did our homework. We’ve checked with our lawyers. There is no shot available in the USA that was produced and manufactured as FDA approved “Comirnaty.”

This is a brief overview. We have on record all 50 states admitting they don’t have Pfizer’s Comirnaty OR the Moderna equivalent.

They bluffed and intimidated hundreds of millions of people into taking an experimental drug.

Because it was not produced or manufactured under the Comirnaty label, Pfizer continues to assume zero liability for its EUA injection—meaning anyone injured from it cannot hold Pfizer liable.

Meanwhile, had they distributed an approved shot, Pfizer itself would be held liable, because they do not yet have the protection of the US government’s National Vaccine Program. This has been covered up by health agencies, and has been purported by the nations media. We are here to expose it.
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