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Pilot Shortage

Just what we need, low flying objects and standards careening 400 mph just above our heads.  But hey, we will all be equal.
  • In June, leaked emails revealed that institutional pressure was being applied inside the Royal Air Force to keep “useless White male” applicants out of the United Kingdom’s premier fighting force. The decision to deny White men from obtaining these roles coincided with “fast-tracking” women and ethnic minorities instead.
  • In 2021, United Airlines announced plans to “shake up white, male-dominated pilot population” by ensuring half of its 5,000 future pilots were composed of Women and “people of color.” In January, a report by the employment website Glassdoor revealed that 1 in 6 hiring managers for American corporations have been instructed to stop hiring White men.

The Justice Report covers the latest attempt to bar White men from critical infrastructure roles and other instances of anti-White hiring practices.

Poisoners of the Well

Some law!  This article goes on to mention concern over who owns the supplement companies you buy from and how you can find out. 

In 1610 the medical faculty of Vienna solemnly confirmed that Jewish physicians were bound by their laws to kill every tenth Christian patient by means of drugs.

As read at Poisoners of the Well – Jews Have Been Poisoning and Murdering Non-Jews for Centuries – Birth of a New Earth Blog

Microplastics and the Brain

  • Microplastics, a highly prevalent form of plastic pollution, have infiltrated air, water, and food chains globally.
  • Ross and her team focused on neurobehavioral effects and inflammatory response to exposure to microplastics, as well as the accumulation of microplastics in tissues, including the brain.
  • “Current research suggests that these microplastics are transported throughout the environment and can accumulate in human tissues; however, research on the health effects of microplastics, especially in mammals, is still very limited,”
  • exposed young and old mice to varying levels of microplastics in drinking water over the course of three weeks. They found that microplastic exposure induces both behavioral changes and alterations in immune markers in liver and brain tissues. The study mice began to move and behave peculiarly, exhibiting behaviors akin to dementia in humans. The results were even more profound in older animals.
  • “To us, this was striking. These were not high doses of microplastics, but in only a short period of time, we saw these changes,”
  • “Nobody really understands the life cycle of these microplastics in the body, so part of what we want to address is the question of what happens as you get older. Are you more susceptible to systemic inflammation from these microplastics as you age? Can your body get rid of them as easily? Do your cells respond differently to these toxins?”
  • The researchers found that the particles had begun to bioaccumulate in every organ, including the brain, as well as in bodily waste.
  • the microplastics were delivered orally via drinking water
  • The brain-blood barrier is supposed to be very difficult to permeate. It is a protective mechanism against viruses and bacteria, yet these particles were able to get in there. It was actually deep in the brain tissue.”
  • That brain infiltration also may cause a decrease in glial fibrillary acidic protein (called “GFAP”), a protein that supports many cell processes in the brain, results have shown. “A decrease in GFAP has been associated with early stages of some neurodegenerative diseases, including mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as depression,”