Discord Feds 4 Med Freedom

Read this if you are interested in getting a backup copy of the Discord Feds 4 Med Freedom site. Discord changed their policy and “now officially prohibit misinformation and disinformation.” Hence, they may decide to delete the contents found there. So I created this copy on March 27, 2022.

I used DiscordChatExporter to create my copy.
Click here for the instructions to use that tool.
If you would like to SKIP all that and simply download what I created with that tool then let me know (check the box under Contact Me on my about Me page.
Here are some screen shots of what I got and what you can expect to get:

It will convert Discord posts to html files on your hard drive and look like this:

It will also segregate into folders each channel’s pictures which is pretty cool.

When you click on the html file of that channel it will open your browser and appear like this with the pictures in place.

The page is easy to scroll through and search like any web page, but it is a page stored on your hard drive and not on the web. Any links will continue to work and send you off into the Internet.

Go here and look for contact me to request your copy.

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