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No single individual can do everything this country needs to turn it around to serve our purposes. We have to work together. We need to grow stronger and work smarter. Some of us have to step up, take risks, help organize and plan to make a better future for our children.

Each of us must find his place and do his part. Together we can accomplish things we cannot do alone.

Look at the powers that be. Look at what they can accomplish. Your loss is their gain. When will it stop? What will life be like for our children??

The two most pressing needs I see are…

  • To decouple from businesses and people that seek to harm us and support business and people that seek to defend us.
  • And then, to grow this endeavor rapidly like a virus.

To that tune I humbly submit to you this simple cookie cutter plan.

  1. Convert your government Economic Impact Payment into seed money to start your own family business. We need to start looking over our families and getting them involved. Who else are you going to trust? So, put that handout to work for you.
  2. Become a news source for your family and friends. It is easier than you think. Deception is running thick. How many events like the following are we led to believe are true? This false perception of reality is destroying the world our forefathers risked their lives for. How much more effective would our presence be if we had a keen awareness of reality?
  3. Finally, help trusted family and friends do the same.
Can Block A really fall through reinforced concrete and steel the same way Block B can fall through thin air?

We are in a fight for our survival as a people. The clock is ticking.

Mission Statement

Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

If you don’t see how your skills and knowledge fit in, then join with me until you can. Use what I have until you gain a footing that will enable you to see how you can contribute to these goals.

  • I can help you gain affordable access to legal services from legal professionals. Plan starts with 60 hours of Trial Defense Services! See page 2.
  • I can help you learn how to defend yourself in a court of law.
  • I can help you shield yourself from the consequences of identity theft, doxing, and much more.
  • I can help women obtain equipment needed to protect themselves on the street. (currently in research and development.)
  • I can help you organize your life, set priorities, and develop the discipline needed to achieve your goals. 
  • I can help you become your own news source for your family and friends. (Check out My News to see what that might look like for you.)
  • That’s about all I can do. 

So, contact me via the appropriate links above and tell me what you can do or leave a comment below.

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