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God created angels. Some angels sinned and brought evil into the created world. There was no redemption for angels. When they fell, they fell forevermore. How was God going to eliminate evil?

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God created man to solve the problem angels created. God created man to overcome evil and make His goodness known forever. The way God created man was unique. With man came family, something larger than man himself. With family came something larger still, a nation. Understand the family and you can build a nation! Understand the family and hate God and you can destroy the world! That seems to be what is happening today.

One family forgot these things and became slaves to the Egyptians. Did you ever wonder what God taught Israel as He delivered them from Egypt? He said He was taking them out as a “nation.” (Deut 4:33-34). The books of Genesis through Deuteronomy were the lesson plans God gave to this people to become what He intended them to be.

What were the first lessons He would teach them? What did they need to know in order to become a nation that would protect the family that would ultimately bring the world a Messiah? He taught them their history. He taught them about sex. He taught them about family. He taught them what it meant to be a nation.

Consider this series of studies an introduction to such things. In the first lesson you will learn who you are, where you came from, and where you are going.

Each lesson will have 1 or 2 videos about 30 minutes each. A study guide at the end of each video will help you assess what you learned and spark additional topics of concern. Click on a “SESSON” below to get started (The manual had a typo and that should say SESSION).

It is best that you do these in sequences as the topics build upon one another.

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