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But Not Of The World

Gab founder says he’ll no longer do interviews with ‘pagan’ media

  • Torba announced that as his company has been “deplatformed” by dozens of service providers, including app stores, banks, hosting providers, email servicers and more, he is “transitioning” his platform to Christian businesses, as WND reported.
  • Now, a report in PJMedia explains that one of his new practices is to do away with interviews with “Paganist” media outlets.
  • “The left owns every major media company and has infiltrated every institution in American government and culture (including the board gaming industry),” she explained. So his response is “brilliant and also funny,” she said.
  • “Torba is showing conservatives that they need to think radically differently about surviving this new reality. You can’t conduct business as usual with people who hate you and want you eradicated.”
  • it’s fair to “lump the fake news media into the social justice warrior category. They are activists out to destroy everything you hold dear.”
  • “I am in the process of transitioning every part of my financial expenses to support Christian businesses, Christian media companies, Christian content creators, and Christian people,” he said. “I am done giving my money to The Enemy and funding the destruction of our country and values. I encourage everyone else to do the same. If they are not serving God, they are serving Satan and I’m simply not going to fund that activity.”
  • He asked his readers to “examine the businesses, brands, and media companies you currently support both financially and with your time. If they are virtue signaling critical theory nonsense or owned by demons you should immediately stop paying them and using their services.”
  • This, he said, is “about building our own Christian economy. One without cancel culture. One that doesn’t embrace the demonic and degenerate cult religion of critical theory.”

UnBeauty Parler

Parler CEO John Matze Fired by Board, Hints Platform May Stop Embracing ‘Free Speech’ – National File

  • Matze, who founded Parler in 2018 with Rebekah Mercer, the daughter of conservative billionaire Robert Mercer, told employees in a memo obtained by Fox News that he had been fired from his position as CEO by the board of the company on January 29th.
  • Rebekah Mercer controls the board.
  • Matze claimed that he had met “constant resistance” to his vision for Parler, including his “strong belief in free speech” and how the site should be managed:
  • the future of Parler is no longer in my hands.
  • Matze had suggested that Parler would be ready to go back online by the start of this month, after switching their domain hosting to Epik, the free speech domain hoster. However, the move back was delayed, with a Parler insider telling Fox News that the delay was caused by “new branding and changes occurring within the company for the sake of stability.”

On Offing Facebook

What Happens To Your Facebook Account Information When You Delete Your Profile? Here’s How Long It Takes To Disappear

  • There’s an important distinction to be made before we go any further, though — and that’s the one between deactivating and deleting your Facebook account.
  • According to Facebook Customer Help, “you can deactivate your account temporarily and choose to come back whenever you want.”
  • Facebook hides your profile, but all of your information remains on their servers in the event you want to reactivate your profile.
  • Because deactivating your Facebook account still technically leaves the account open for business, it’s not a great solution for you if the reason you want to stop using the platform is because of data and privacy concerns. As long as you maintain a Facebook account, the tech giant owns and can continue to collect information about you, including basic account details, details about and photos of you shared by other users, networks and connections, payment information, device information, and info from third-party partners and advertisers, according to the Facebook data policy.
  • If you take the more extreme measure of actually deleting your account, Facebook notes that you won’t be able to regain access — at least, not after a short cooling off period during which your cancellation request will be cancelled if you can’t resist the urge to try to log in. Don’t get comfortable just because that cooling period has passed, though: According to the FB Help Center, it can take as long as 90 days for the site to totally wipe the data of yours that’s been stored in their backup systems. Facebook can’t proactively access this information once you’ve begun the deletion process, but technically, it’s still in their system for up to 90 days as it’s being deleted from their servers.After those 90 days, though, traces of your former Facebook life will still live on, thanks to your interactions with other Facebook members during the time you did have a profile.
  • There’s a final note on the Facebook Help Center that refers to what happens to your data when you delete your FB account as well: It says that “copies of some material (example: log records) may remain in our database but are disassociated from personal identifiers.”
  • However, it’s important to note that, regardless of what they hold on to, Facebook will ultimately destroy any links between that information and you as an individual.
  • With a few minor exceptions, it does seem that Facebook scrubs their systems of your connection to the data that was once in their system as soon as you decide to say goodbye to them permanently.

This Is The News

What is the relationship between newsmax and the Clintons?
Dump FOX, Drudge, Breitbart; here are reasons why.

*Christian, draw a line from where you stand to Rev 3.9. If your news doesn’t fall on that line, you will be mislead. imo


Today on TruNews we discuss the communist, deep state, intelligence-led, news coup that has been launched against President Trump and the soul of America, as a formidable counter attack has finally formed from the MAGA movement, including a DOJ investigation into voter fraud, and actionable evidence of widespread illegal voting across every battleground state, using software produced by Democrat connected elite and the CIA.

We also address the report from CNN that Arizona has been uncalled from Biden and the shift by Real Clear Politics, stripping “the Big Guy” of electoral votes from Pennsylvania, and in-turn, the presumptive title of President-elect crowned on him by the treasonous puppets of compromised media.

Rick Wiles, Edward Szall, Matt Skow. Airdate 11/9/2020

Internet Archive To Rewrite History

Information War? Internet Archive To Rewrite History With Alerts for Sites That Have Been Fact Checked – Activist Post

  • According to an Archive.org blog post, you will now know if a page was pulled down or received an alert over what “fact-checkers” consider “misinformation.”This also includes “dead” web pages that were archived. The Internet Archive has started adding fact checks and context to Wayback Machine pages to explain just why the pages were removed. If a page was part of a disinformation campaign or pulled due to a policy violation, a distinct yellow banner will explain why.The fact checks will come from a variety of mainstream outlets, including FactCheck.org, Politifact, the Associated Press, and the Washington Post.
  • Which absolutely in no way will be manipulated, right?
  • Of course, that’s obvious sarcasm, as those controlling what is and isn’t disinformation will be the wolves guarding the hen house so to speak.
  • Activist Post has previously shown links between one such fact-checker, NewsGuard ,and the intelligence community. The fact that anyone wants to police information like they are the Ministry Of Truth should scare the living shit out of you. However, the truth is scarier than you can even imagine. Especially when it comes to 9/11, which if you want the truth add up all the available public information to determine what really happened, an attack that was not only allowed to happen but it was helped along and you would still have unanswered questions. But of course, the fact-checkers have all the answers right?

Michelle Malkin: A Media-Political Assassination in Denver

Blocked by Facebook.

Do Colorado patriots’ lives matter?

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, after gathering with Benghazi Marine hero John “Tig” Tiegen at Civic Center Plaza in Denver to show pride in America, hundreds of citizens departed a peaceful “Patriot Muster” feeling inspired. They filed out of the park bedecked in Old Glory, Thin Blue Line flags and MAGA hats. Some came in wheelchairs and walkers. Students, parents and grandparents all rallied. Military veterans turned out in force.

Tiegen’s men came trained and prepared to defend their supporters. Denver police and Arapahoe County sheriff’s deputies kept better order.

Remember: three months ago, the “Back the Blue” rally that I attended with hundreds of others at the very same Civic Center Plaza was shut down by violent antifa and Black Lives Matter vigilantes.

Remember: the Denver police union president, Nick Rogers, blew the whistle on how top brass (led by a police chief who marched arm-in-arm with BLM protestors this summer) issued a retreat order while the mob trampled our constitutional rights to free speech and peaceable assembly.

In July, the thugs wielded metal rods, skateboards and megaphones to threaten and assault law-abiding citizens. Organizer Ron MacLachlan was beaten bloody just feet from me on stage. Republican statehouse candidate Laurel Imer was shoved down the stage steps by Black Lives Matter rioters. Conservative activist Lori Woods was allegedly assaulted by a crazed antifa agitator and repeat arrestee Caryn Sodaro—the only violent mob operative charged with a crime.

This time, Tiegen’s event went more smoothly. Barriers kept rioters from invading the plaza. Casper Stockham, a Black Republican congressional candidate who had also attended the “Back the Blue” fiasco, told me one prominent Black militant agitator called him a “house n—a” and challenged him to a fight. The provocateur wore a “Black Guns Matter” T-shirt to deceive the conservative, pro-Second Amendment crowd. The same cretin later threatened to rape female attendees.

“It was disgusting, but those types of things don’t stop me,” Stockham told me. The “Patriot Muster” almost went off with a single hitch. Almost.

One man who answered the call to “stand up and show up” didn’t make it home. From my close analysis of footage and interviews with witnesses, it appears the tragedy was engineered.

As the last group of “Patriot Muster” attendees walked to their cars, the same agitator who accosted Stockham and others also initiated a verbal altercation with 49-year-old Lee Keltner. A cheerful cowboy hat maker, veteran, and father of two from Brighton, Colorado, his mission was “keeping the West alive, one hat at a time.” While Keltner was trailed by the Black militant agitator, a Trump-hating Occupy Denver radical named Matthew Dolloff and a local NBC affiliate investigative producer for Denver’s 9News named Zack Newman conferred with each other nearby. At some point, Dolloff handed his cellphone to Newman.

Minutes later, photographers and videographers filmed the agitator aggressively daring Keltner to deploy a can of bear spray he was holding to protect himself as Dolloff and Newman stood by. Keltner resisted engaging in any physical brawl as the agitator escalated. Mere seconds later, he walked away from the agitator only to walk right into what appears to be a deadly ambush with Dolloff. In an instant, Dolloff appeared to grab for something on Keltner’s chest (his holstered weapon?) while Keltner slapped at his face. Dolloff then whipped out a gun and blew off Keltner’s face as the veteran backed away, spraying his repellant in self-defense.

Newman gawked at the entire melee with two phones in his hand. But photos showed him, bizarrely, not filming the shooting despite being there on assignment for 9News.

Dolloff has been detained under investigation for first-degree murder. Newman was held, and then released. Here’s where it gets weirder and darker. 9News initially identified Dolloff as an armed private security guard contracted through Pinkerton security services. Turns out that he was unlicensed and operating as a security guard illegally in Denver. Pinkerton denied Dolloff was an employee and refuses to name the company, if one exists, that subcontracted Dolloff out. Newman did not respond to my questions about the exact nature of his relationship with Dolloff or how many previous times Dolloff had been his “security guard” at left-wing protests and riots over the past year.

Unanswered questions are piling up:

  • What did Newman and Dolloff discuss as they shadowed Keltner and the agitator?
  • Did they have beef with Keltner?
  • Did Newman or Dolloff know the agitator?
  • Was Newman, who works for a station that has demonized conservatives all year long while whitewashing the left-wing trashing of downtown Denver, aware of Dolloff’s extensive social media footprint calling Donald Trump supporters racist fascists and posting “Rise Up” Communist revolutionary propaganda?

What happened to Colorado patriot Lee Keltner should be a national outrage. It was, in my view, a brazen and cold-blooded media-political assassination. Casper Stockham agrees. “Imagine if this shooting had been the other way around,” Stockham said. “There would be nonstop, 24-hour coverage of it.” But because Keltner was part of the “Patriot Muster,” and not part of the “Mob Muster” or “Liberal Media Muster,” you’ll hear nothing but crickets from American Pravda. Their silence is violence.

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Michelle Malkin [Email her] is the author of Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores. Click here for Peter Brimelow’s review. Click here for Michelle Malkin’s website. Michelle Malkin is also the author of Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild, Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies, ,Who Built That: Awe-Inspiring Stories of American Tinkerpreneurs, and Sold Out: How High-Tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America’s Best & Brightest Workers.

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