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The Problem

Our ultimate opponents are not the communists, but Jewish capitalists. While we do struggle against street level communist thugs, these people only hold as much power as they are given by Jewish capitalists. This has always been the case. Communism has always been a weapon of Jews to overthrow their Gentile rivals when they cannot overthrow them with capitalism. Jews prefer capitalism to communism, as it is far more subversive than communism and allows them to hide their power level with paid off Gentile frontmen like Joe Biden, Donald Trump, George Bush, etc…

We will not win if we do not have a proper understanding of the dynamics at play. Communists are a problem, but they are not THE PROBLEM. The leading Jews destroying our country such as Larry Fink, George Soros, the Pritzgers, Bankman-Fried, etc…are not communists, nor are they interested in communism. They may enable communists (or anarchists), such as Soros funding of district attorneys or Pritzger’s funding of transexualism, but they see these people as a battering ram that can be used against White advocates looking to establish fascism or national socialism. They are fundamentally playing a balancing act in which they maintain their capitalist regime through the enabling of anarcho-communists as extrajudicial street thugs and beurocratic middlemen.