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Lincoln’s Erroneous Position

It’s Back to January 21, 1973

So, let’s pick up where this country left off.

The End of Roe vs. Wade, by E. Michael Jones – The Unz Review


The room was packed with feminists from that university and St. Mary’s College, the soi disant Catholic institution which had fired me for being against abortion a few years earlier.
Roe v. Wade, in other words, had no basis in reality. It was, as Bernard Nathanson pointed out in his memoir, a Jewish fantasy concocted by what he termed a bunch of crazy Jews from New York which got imposed upon the United States of America by raw judicial power. Actually, raw judicial power was only part of the story. Abortion got imposed on New York before it got imposed on America by a Jewish newspaper known as The New York Times at around the same time that this same Jewish newspaper imposed another Jewish narrative, known as the Holocaust, on the country during a period stretching from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s.
In both instances, the operative editorial principle at the nation’s Jewish paper of record was that truth was the opinion of the powerful.
in addition to being a fraud, the most celebrated Holocaust novelist since Elie Wiesel also turned out to be a cheapskate as well.
Millions of children died because of this Jewish fantasy. Nothing we can do will bring them back. Instead of going on to lead fulfilling lives, they became martyrs to the truth, and it was in the end the truth that prevailed, but not before a lot of collateral damage was inflicted on the culture which allowed their murder. Because of Roe v. Wade, the concept of equality before the law was eliminated from our judicial system, to be replaced by a two-tiered system, in which you fit into one of two categories. Everyone was now either a fetus, in which case he had no rights whatsoever, or he was a feminist, in which case he had Jewish privilege and was above the law.
So, the demonstrators who showed up at Charlottesville thinking that the had First Amendment rights to assembly and free speech, as well as the Trump supporters who showed up at the Capitol on January 6 fell into the category of fetus, which meant that they had no rights at all.
Antifa, on the other hand, and Jane’s Revenge, which went on a spree of burning down churches and prolife centers after Alito’s brief was leaked, had Jewish privilege and were above the law, as was Roberta Kaplan, the “chubby lesbian kike” who enriched herself by waging lawfare against the hapless white boys from Charlottesville.
Attorney General Merrick Garland has clearly internalized this Roe-based distinction and has turned the Justice Department into the American version of the CHEKA, which is now waging war on the American people, just as the Jews at the original CHEKA waged war against the Russian people after the Bolshevik coup d’etat of 1917.
mainstream Jewish media outlets is very similar to the same narrative that they have confected concerning the war in the Ukraine.
Truth, it turns out, isn’t the opinion of the powerful after all, because nothing is more powerful than what is real, and what is real is always the correspondence of mind and the thing. It is never the mind in lieu of the thing.
As if admitting that Roe was confected out of thin air and that it was based neither on science or the law, the Jews responded to the leak of Justice Alito’s brief by claiming that abortion was “a fundamental Jewish value,” and that the Supreme Court, by striking down Roe v. Wade was preventing Jews from practicing their religion.
What the Jews really said without knowing it was that Roe v. Wade amounted to the imposition of the Jewish religion on every citizen, no matter what his religion, of the United States of America for the past 49 years. Leave it to the Jews to state explicitly what the goyim were too stupid to figure out on their own.
“science is real”; the fetus is a little boy or a little girl in the womb and doesn’t become one at birth. It also means that that fat Jew in a dress who calls himself “Rachel” Levine isn’t a woman no matter how much he mutilates the body that God gave him. It also means that Ukraine is losing the war, no matter how many flattering articles the Jewish paper of record writes about the Jewish piano player in the olive drab T-shirt. It means, finally, that the era of Jewish hegemony over our culture is coming to an end.
My initial feelings in this regard were only reinforced when I read Justice Thomas’s attack on substantive due process, as manifested in the Obergefell gay marriage decision and others, all of which are now destined to fall because they share the same lack of reality which characterized Roe v. Wade. Substantive due process is another word for social engineering. The end of substantive due process it means the end of Jewish hegemony over American culture. This is why the Jewish controlled media are so upset.
Abortion is a Jewish sacrament. Those who call themselves Jews are in reality worshippers of Moloch, the god who demanded human sacrifice. For once I find myself in agreement with the ADL.

Supreme Court Delivers a Troubling Decision Against Harris Funeral Homes

Americans should be able to rely on what the law says.

Unfortunately, it seems the U.S. Supreme Court does not agree.

Today, the Supreme Court ruled against our client Harris Funeral Homes. In doing so, the Court has delivered a truly troubling decision: Unelected officials and courts can effectively rewrite laws—forcing Americans to guess what the law means—including something as fundamental as the meaning of “sex.”

Alliance Defending Freedom has represented Harris Funeral Homes since 2013. That year, a male funeral director expressed the intent to begin dressing and presenting as a woman at work while interacting with grieving families. This funeral director had worked at Harris Funeral Homes for nearly six years and agreed to abide by the sex-specific dress code throughout that time.

Harris Funeral Homes has professional conduct and dress codes to ensure that the grieving families it serves can focus on healing and not on the funeral home or its employees. Such policies are not unusual. In fact, they are consistent with industry standard. Not to mention that federal law allows such policies.

Ultimately, Tom Rost—owner of Harris Funeral Homes—decided he could not agree to the funeral director’s plan, and they parted ways.

That prompted the funeral director to file a complaint against Harris for employment discrimination, which led the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), an unelected federal agency, to sue the funeral home. To justify this, the federal government insisted that the word “sex” in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act includes “gender identity.” A lower court agreed.

The federal government changed its position to support Tom. But the ACLU intervened and continued to push for “sex” to be redefined to include “gender identity” in federal law.

This case was combined with two others seeking to redefine “sex” to also include “sexual orientation.” The Court heard arguments in these combined cases on October 8, 2019.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court ruled that unelected officials and courts do have the authority to redefine the law—bypassing Congress—and that “sex” in Title VII includes “gender identity” and “sexual orientation.”

This is devastating news for Harris Funeral Homes, which has faithfully served grieving families for more than 100 years. Please pray for this family-owned business. And pray as well for all Americans. Because this ruling has implications for us all.


The Troubling Implications

Redefining “sex” to mean “gender identity” creates chaos, with widespread consequences for everyone.

  • It undermines dignity, privacy, and equal opportunities for women.
  • It could compel professionals from all walks of life to refer to colleagues with pronouns and other sex-specific terms according to gender identity rather than biology.
  • It puts employers like Tom in difficult positions—requiring them to treat men who believe themselves to be women as if they are in fact women, even if that results in violating the bodily privacy rights of other employees.

The bottom line is that ignoring biological reality in our laws threatens our freedoms of conscience, religion, and speech.

There’s more.

By ruling in the similar case decided today that “sex” in federal employment law also includes “sexual orientation,” the Court made it more difficult for employers and employees who hold the longstanding, honorable belief that marriage is only between one man and one woman.

The ruling could prohibit a religious employer from declining to recognize a same-sex relationship as a “marriage” for purpose of benefits. It could subject a small business owner to liability if she discusses her beliefs about marriage while at work. It could even result in an employee being disciplined or fired for even mentioning her beliefs about marriage, as happened to Chief Kelvin Cochran, who was fired as Atlanta’s Fire Chief after writing a small book about his beliefs in Christ and about marriage for his private, men’s Bible study.

That is why this Supreme Court ruling should concern us all.

But we should not lose hope! Although we are extremely disappointed by the decision, consider these words from Pastor Jack Robert after the Supreme Court twice denied to hear his case involving church use of public school buildings in New York City for worship services:

Walking through this long and winding experience, I have realized that “victory” is not measured in a court’s decision, but in how well and how faithfully Jesus and His Truth (the Gospel) are represented. We are called to be faithful and true messengers – not necessarily “winners.” The fact that our case was ultimately rejected (a second time) by the U.S. Supreme Court meant that we would not get to participate in the final outcome of these crucial legal issues. This continues to remind me that we are only one tiny part of what God is doing; we don’t have the right to demand to see the conclusion. Being faithful in our own divine assignment will enable others, in turn, to do their part – and perhaps they will see the conclusion. Regardless, God will have the last, and best, word.

We often talk about how all our work is in God’s hands. We are called to do our very best and to follow God’s will, no matter the outcome, because God has a plan that we cannot begin to understand, a plan that is much bigger and better than anything we can imagine.

Let’s continue to be faithful and true in our divine assignments, just as Harris Funeral Homes acted so courageously in pursuing this case. God will take care of the rest!

The Communist 4 Step Plan To Victory

They have won; can we take it back?

Beware the “New Normal”

  • President Trump needs to fight the real war—the one that is on the verge of taking down America for good!
  • Gradual subversion of the political and economic systems of the United States
  • In a 1984 interview, Russian defector Yuri Bezmenov, who had worked for Soviet intelligence and propaganda agencies, revealed that Communism had neither died nor disappeared, and still fully intended to take over the West.
  • Stage 1: “Demoralization” in which Judeo-Christian values and morality are systematically attacked, and people’s morals corrupted in every way possible. 
  • Stage 2: “Destabilization” in which the country’s economy, military and foreign relations are undermined.
  • Stage 3: “Crisis” and this is where we are now. Bezmenov says it takes only up to 6 weeks to bring a country to crisis, after which one can radically alter its structure, economy and government. 
  • Stage 4: “Normalization.” This is the end game. This is the goal. This is the New World Order with its One World Government. Call it Worldwide Communism, Technocracy, Global Feudalism, or what you will, it is slavery and misery—for all but the psychopathic elites who engineered it.
  • Medical Deep State Predictions
  • Democrats were increasingly desperate to oust Trump
  • Will these outrages, oppression, and governmental tyranny become the “new normal” in America?
  • Will these outrages, oppression, and governmental tyranny become the “new normal” in America? As Patrick Henry once proclaimed, “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!”
  • Patriots need to recognize how high the stakes are and to act accordingly.